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Thomas Wilson Howe

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Thomas W Howe Tom Howe

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Retired High Technology Computer Systems Development and Implementation Executive now owning and operating a small equine ranch in Delta County. A brief Resume is attached.

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Graduated from Wheatland High School, Wheatland, Wyoming, 1959. Appointed to and attended the United States Air Force Academy 1959 - 1962. Then attended the University of Wyoming, Colorado State University, and the Florida Institute of Technology. Areas of Study were basic Sciences and Physics / Mathematics with emphasis on Statistics. Professional experience includes Real-Time Test Conductor at Central Instrument Facility launch support at Kennedy Space Center for Gemini, Surveyor, and Apollo up to Apollo 6 then as a contractor for the NASA Apollo Program Office for Apollo 7 through 11. Left NASA support contracting in 1969 (my work completed for Apollo 11) to begin a career in the then infantile Computer Systems Industry that spanned the next 35 years until retirement in 2005.

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Professional Background

In addition to the GOP County Central Committee above, I have been active in the non-profit Rocky Mountain Wing (RMW) Commemorative Air Force (CAF) serving on the Wing Staff as both Education Officer and as the Wing Newsletter Editor. Accomplishments include implementing the CAF Rise Above program that has enabled 1,000's of Colorado Westen Slope middle school students to be exposed to and experience the dedication and determination put forth by our Greatest Generation during WWII. I also successfully campaigned to have the Wing's Grumman TBM Avenger Torpedo Bomber certified as both a Colorado State Historical Object and a National Historic Object (airplane), one of only two that regularly continue to fly. Even though somewhat inactive over the past few months, over several years I have written for and maintained a small blog where I've posted many, many letters I've written to Congressmen, Senators, and state officials regarding issues current at the time. The blog can be reached at

Past Political Activity

Small donations to Congressman Scott Tipton and local State House and Senate candidates. Total Contributions since 2015 do not exceed $500.00

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Active Precinct Delegate to the Delta County Republican Central Committee. During this tenure served on various subcommittees. Also, a member of the American Legion, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, National Rifle Association, Commemorative Air Force.


The difficulties demonstrated by the past two Colorado redistricting efforts ending up in the courts to be resolved (gerrymandering on steroids) created a burning desire in my mind to remove, as much as possible, the political and governmental effect on the redistricting process. Now the citizens of the state have made concrete efforts to move the redistricting process out of politics and government (per se.) I believe individuals such as myself should volunteer to take the experience, training, and leadership learned over years of making people and systems work correctly and put those skills to use making the redistricting work for the citizens, not the politicized governmental establishment. All Colorado citizens deserve to have themselves and their neighbors properly represented in our fantastic democratic republic. Colorado is diverse from many different perspectives - some rural some urban, some mountains - some plains, some agriculture - some energy, some business – some labor, etc. The list goes on. Each perspective deserves the ability to express its collective, and sometimes unique, needs, desires, & contributions, via both the federal and state representations. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?

Statement on Working with Consensus

I spent my entire professional career negotiating - establishing consensus between groups and individuals. Yes, I was called a "salesman" or a "manager." I held titles such as Sales Engineer, District/Regional Sales Manager, Vice President of sales, and even "Owner." I've had to negotiate agreements between my employers and major airlines, Energy companies, State Governments, large manufacturing consortiums, Universities, Global Communications Carriers, etc., etc. I've been successful at applying logic and reason to the discussions and planning necessary to forge a successful outcome. Colorado's citizens deserve equal representation based upon their contribution to the State's success. Because I have lived and worked in both the metropolitan business arena (Denver area for 30 years) and rural Delta County (20 years) I actually know how much impartiality means in representation.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

In addition to my "professional" career interfacing with (reasoning with) executives and engineers at all levels, I also had a sideline career as a commercial pilot, expanding the use of my own personal business aircraft as a pilot for other commercial aircraft. I never considered flying these aircraft a "profession" but rather a diversion to hone both my mental skills as well as improve and maintain my piloting skills. Without question, piloting today's aircraft in "the crowded skies" requires logic and reasoning skills above the norm. Most piloting (with perhaps the exception of crop dusting)can be hours of boredom interspersed with moments of terror! Those moments of terror require logic and reasoning skills way beyond those necessary to put together a contract for a worldwide computer packet switching network. Operating within one environment compliments the other - I speak from experience in both cases. Gathering known reliable and meaningful data, using demonstrated means to analyze the data for information pertinent to the problem at hand, applying the information in acceptable means, and then making sound decisions based on the data - not other outside emotionally charged input - is the path to success - both in the cockpit and the boardroom. That same logic and decision path will serve the redistricting commission, and Colorado's diverse citizenship very well.


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