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jim skvorc

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retired 16 years

Educational Background

BS University of Illinois, Chicago Teaching certification, Univ of Colorado, Boulder As a teacher, ongoing recertification classes for 20 years

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Professional Background

I served on the Frisco, Colorado P&Z for 3 years Served on Frisco Colorado Recreation Committee. Board member Mancos, Colorado Chamber of Commerce Board member Leadership Montezuma Board member Montezuma Land Conservancy

Past Political Activity

MB Mcafee for county commissioner Rebecca Skulski for county commissioner Biden for president committee

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Leadership Montezuma Board Montezuma Land Conservancy Board National Resources Defense Council Southern Utah Wilderness alliance Veterans for Peace


As a citizen of Colorado it is my duty to serve on government boards when possible. It is also my pleasure to do so for the greater good. I feel that getting Citizen input on De- Gerrymandering is marvelous concept

Statement on Working with Consensus

As a high school social studies teacher for 20 years I led discussions of current and historical topics. Students' opinions were often divided on the impact of these topics. It was my job to facilitate a lively, and productive, discussion in my classroom. I did this successfully to over 2,000 students in my career. I often find that adults, like their previous lives as teenagers, respond to the same manner of facilitation as is used in the classroom. In governmental and civic situations when i see adults arguing am reminded of my classroom days. The secret is not to get flustered or upset but to deal with the underlying issues of contention and discuss them rationally. I moderate quite well. In addition, as mentioned above, having lived in several types of communities throughout the state and having belonged to various political parties I feel that I have a leg up on what drives people to disagree and what it takes to accommodate those differences.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I am a logical and rational thinker. While preparing daily lesson plans for over 2,000 students over 20 years of teaching I had no one to rely on except myself. I have an admirable track record in this field. I was sought out as a member of various boards due to my cool head and logical approach. I take an analytical approach to see the basic problem and where a varied group are coming from.I use these skills to break down the issue to it's basic parts rather than address the emotions which may arise. In leading classroom discussions it was my job to facilitate civil discourse and promote interaction by all attendees (students). I have been in the role of mediator in public events as well as moderator of panel discussions.


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