Application for Legislative Commission for Jonathan L. Walker

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Jonathan L. Walker

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Office Operations Supervisor, U.S. Census Bureau

Educational Background

B.A. University of Michigan (1970) J.D. Wayne State University (1977)

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Professional Background

I have been an Advocate for people suffering from Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities through my work with The Arc. Representing the Colorado State Public Defenders, I sat on the DVOMB, developing treatment standards for Domestic Violence Offenders. From 2008 -2012, I was the Judicial Representative, appointed by Justice Bender, to that same DVOMB and worked on revising the Standards for treatment

Past Political Activity


List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Arc of the Pikes Peak Region : Board Member 1999-2006, 2008-2017; Board President, 13 years (two 3 year terms plus 1 yr.), 2 more 3 year terms. United Way of P.P. Region, committee member (allocations, other committes, 2000 - 2009); Urban League, P.P. Region Board, 2008-2010. Colorado Domestic Offender Management Board 2000-2003 Public Defender representative, 2008-2012, Judicial representative. From 2007 until 2017, I was a County Court Judge in the 4th Judicial District, appointed by Governor Ritter. I was retained in two retention elections.


I am a staunch advocate of citizen-lead redistricting. Especially since working on the 2020 Census, where I've learned the importance of the "one person/one vote" concept and have been appalled by the "gerrymandering" which has diluted that concept for purely partisan interests in the past few years.

Statement on Working with Consensus

In my first 20 years of legal practice in Michigan, I was a Civil Litigator and served as a Mediator in a multitude of civil matters involving everything from airline disasters and auto crashes to environmental cases. The goal of a Mediator, of course is to assist the parties to reach a consensus. I was also a Hearing Officer for the Michigan Civil Rights Commission. As a Colorado County Court Judge for ten years, my mission was to be fair and impartial and to listen to both sides of each dispute.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

As a Trial Lawyer, Mediator, Public Defender and a Judge for forty-three years; my skillset was problem solving. Litigation is, in fact, using logic and reason to resolve a problem.


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