Application for Legislative Commission for James A. Martin

Contact Information

Full Name

James A. Martin

Other Names
Jim Martin

Party Affiliation




Educational Background

BS Accounting, University of Wyoming, 1977 JD, University of Notre Dame Law School, 1980

Zip Code



Professional Background

No experience.

Past Political Activity

No significant political activity. Have made a very few minor contributions to Republican candidates in the past, but do not have a list.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Gold Crown Foundation, Board Member Denver Police Foundation, Board Member Visit Denver Board, Past Board Member Colorado and Denver Bar Associations Colorado State Bar Service as an Election Judge in Larimer County Election Observer for OSCE/ODIHR


Proper, fair elections are vital. Having fair, impartially established districts is essential to that process. I am very interested in being part of the process that sees that goal achieved.

Statement on Working with Consensus

My career has essentially involved negotiation and completion of business transactions, development, and combinations, and more recently operation and management of businesses and commercial enterprises. Key to long term success in all of those areas is the ability to build consensus and bring parties to agreement. My interest in being involved in the redistricting function is driven entirely by the desire to see it done in a fair and impartial fashion. That is the only way for the election process to properly reflect the will of the citizens of Colorado and for elections to be truly considered by all to be legitimate.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I have both a financial background and a business law background. In addition, I have built and managed businesses for 20+ years. All of those functions require the application of logic and reason to the solving of problems. Thus, I believe my ability to do so is well established.


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