Application for Legislative Commission for Kathleen Kavet

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Kathleen Kavet

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Part-time librarian Denver Discovery Middle School, Denver Public Schools.

Educational Background

University of Colorado, Boulder CO 1979, Bachelor of Arts in Geography; Minor: History University of Colorado, Boulder CO 1988, Teaching Certification University of Denver 2007, Master of Library Science

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Professional Background

My experience has been limited to my career as a public school educator. Within that role and responsibility I have organized groups of students, teachers, parents and community members for literacy programs, National Honor Society membership and initiatives, College Board activities and classes, and participation in National History Day competitions and judging.

Past Political Activity

My past political activity has mostly involved teaching my high school Social Studies students about local, state, national government, civic participation and the U.S. Constitution. When applicable, I have encourage my senior students to register to vote. In line with district policy, I have always presented a non-partisan view in my teaching as well as in my professional profile. As a registered Independent voter I have been fortunate and honest in regarding the issues behind ballot measures and candidates, as opposed to being influenced along party lines. I vote given every opportunity not only because it is a privilege to do so, but also because I am answerable to my students as a person of responsibility and leadership. I have not consciously donated money to any political campaign or organization. I was a member of the teacher’s union DCTA and I withheld monies from them that were being directed politically.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Independent Voter, I was a member of the Denver Classroom Teachers Association prior to my retirement in 2016. A member of the Colorado Geographic Alliance and the American Library Association.


I want to serve on the commission because after Amendment’s Y and Z passed in 2018 I realized I could get involved in the redistricting process even as an Independent voter. I want to be active in crafting solutions that benefit Colorado voters statewide. I consider myself a life-long learner, a good listener, a team worker and a fair person.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I will promote consensus by being patient in listening to all points of view expressed and by maintaining flexibility in my own opinions. I believe my career as a public school teacher has helped shape my skills in this regard. High School students share their thoughts and opinions about absolutely everything. An integral part of being a good teacher is listening to what they have to say without verbal or visual signs of judgement, and then working towards an answer, resolution or consideration. This skill was, and is, often tested when what is said clashes with my own ideas or realities. That is where the work gets more difficult and can be more rewarding. Often in committee meetings, parent conferences, as well as mentoring new teachers, the same patience and honest listening is needed. Especially in these challenging times, I have no doubt that building agreement with any diverse group of people will be difficult. I believe with my personal history and experience I am up to the task.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

In achieving my Masters in Library and Information Science from the University of Denver in 2007 I had many opportunities to apply sophisticated analysis to situations and scenarios presented as part of my course work and in my subsequent employment as a librarian. From developing authentic collections and embracing the needs of diverse patrons to budget considerations within unique tax districts, the focus on analyzing data enabled me to chart a clear path for providing relevant and productive library service for all. My ability to apply logic and reason to a problem is perhaps best illustrated by my work as a reader for the College Board’s Advanced Placement United States History exam. As a reader, our job is to read and score (according to a pre-set rubric) student’s essays answering one topic question during a seven day session that begins each day at 8am and ends at 5pm. The same question over and over, but answered by high school students from all over the country (as well as those attending international schools). We each read hundreds of essays daily by students whose skill sets vary wildly. Our goal as readers is to award the students for what they know – not punish them for what they omit or get wrong. Many times logic dictates that the student answered the prompt correctly, looking at their writing holistically, and even though there might be minor errors in their writing. Reason takes that logic by the hand and reminds us as readers that the student wrote the essay in 45 minutes, under extreme pressure and without prior knowledge of the prompt. So when we spend the two to three minutes reading and scoring each essay we embrace that reason and logic and our goal to benefit the student’s effort is realized.


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