Application for Legislative Commission for Mary Joan Vobejda

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Mary Joan Vobejda

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Transportation Engineer working for a consulting firm. I manage large projects, developing plans for transportation improvements. My recent projects include the I-70 Mountain Corridor Programmatic EIS and the CSS Guidance; the 16th Street Mall; and DEN Airport City development.

Educational Background

Degrees in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Colorado

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Professional Background

As a part of my projects I have organized the public outreach and stakeholder involvement processes for large controversial projects, ultimately bringing people together around a consensus for improvements.

Past Political Activity

I have donated money to Joe Biden, Everyone Votes, and Amy McGrath.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

I have belonged to the Metro Denver EDC.


I believe this effort is one foundational element in helping our democracy work more fairly. I would like to see the Colorado process be held as a national standard of good practice in achieving fairness in redistricting.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I would advocate for a published transparent process of decision steps designed to give all stakeholders the information they need to understand and support the ultimate outcome of the commissions work. This would entail laying out a stepped process starting with a statement of the desired outcome, the criteria to be used, the alternatives possible and the recommendation. I would lay these steps on a schedule that included the opportunities for all stakeholders and interested citizens to provide their input. Finally, I would define how all input will be used in the process. It is foundational to success that all stakeholders understand how the decisions will be made, when they will be made and how they might engage in the process to affect the outcome.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I have been facilitating large groups of stakeholders for 20+ years of my career. These are often groups with vastly different desires and levels of trust in the agencies proposing the improvements. I have used the multi-objective matrix analysis tool for many years to help everyone understand the choices and ramifications of those choices. This work then results in a recommendation that must be presented in an formal environmental document ultimately supported and approved by a Federal agency.


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