Application for Legislative Commission for Jacqueline Schroeder

Contact Information

Full Name

Jacqueline Schroeder

Party Affiliation



Self- employed, small business owner of Southwest Lubrication, Inc

Educational Background

Some college, business and marketing.

Zip Code


Congressional District


Past Political Activity


List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

I have volunteered to collect signatures on a few petitions.

Organization and Advocacy Experience

Although I have not had experience organizing an official or organization, I have taken the lead role in small groups when it seems there isn't a leader.


I find the process of drawing district lines interesting and would love to learn more about the process and be a part of it.

Statement on Working with Consensus

The way to reach an agreement in a croup is to make sure that everyone is heard and feels that their input matters, to compromise and to come up with a solution that everyone feels okay with.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I am someone who will research and find out as much information as I can to find the best solution for the problem.


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