Application for Legislative Commission for Kevin Charles Vick

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Kevin Charles Vick

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Vice President of the Colorado Education Association, also a high school Social Studies teacher in Colorado Spring District 11

Educational Background

MAT in Southwest Studies, Colorado College Teaching Certificate, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs BS St. John's University, Collegeville, MN, Major: Government, Minor: History

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Past Political Activity

As a leader in various capacities in my school, district, and the Colorado Education Association, I have been active in many different types of campaigns over the last ten years. I have volunteered my time in different roles in various campaigns, including statewide and local ballot measures as well as for candidates for office. I have also volunteered for statewide office holders including Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, and Treasurer as well as local legislative candidates and school board members. My list of donations that I can recall include small contributions to local Colorado Springs candidates and efforts such as John Morse, Mike Merrifield, Tony Exum, Electra Johnson, the El Paso County Democratic Party, the Friends of D-11, and Our CO Way of Life.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

My main list of community organizations that I have belonged to since November 10, 2015 include: The Colorado Springs Downtown Rotary Club, Citizens Project, Inside Out, the Colorado Springs Latino Luncheon, and Coloradans for the Common Good.

Organization and Advocacy Experience

As one of the elected leaders of the Colorado Education Association, I have had extensive training and experience in the art of organizing, negotiating and advocacy. As the representative of over 39,000 education professionals across the state, I have been a leader of many of the more prominent actions in the state, everything from strikes and rallies, to food drives and charity events. In coalition with our community partners, I have also lead trainings in the art of relational and civic organizing on many occasions.


At my heart, I am a High School Government and US History teacher. I have a great respect and passion for the ideals of our nation and our government. I understand that the fundamental principles of equality and justice begin with how people feel they are being represented. It is with this lens that I understand the need for our districts to be drawn so that every citizen has feels they will be heard, valued and has access to participate. I have also had the lived experience of working with community partners in areas where people are underrepresented.. The corrosive effect on these communities is profound and leads to a feeling of hopelessness. I feel that my expertise, knowledge, and experience would all be assets to the commission.

Statement on Working with Consensus

One of the main qualities necessary to lead a statewide membership organization that has a great deal of diversity of opinion is the ability to build consensus. In addition, as a teacher I am constantly tasked with helping students with different opinions, backgrounds and lived experiences engage in productive dialogues in a respectful and dignified manner. Also, I am formally trained as a mediator, and have numerous hours of experience managing negotiations and high conflict situations. I will bring all of these skills sets with me to be a strong and active member of the commission and help to achieve the goals of a truly independent redistricting commission.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

The process of teaching students is about having the ability to set up a productive environment for learning, creating an analysis of results from students, and adjusting conditions to make sure students are maximizing their skills. Also, in my current position as a leader of a statewide organization, I am engaged constantly in a multitude of projects designed to help educators grow and expand in their profession. I routinely have to analyze the effectiveness of these projects and make changes for improving their relevance to teachers and students. I am also regularly tasked with making decisions on priorities for the organization and for our budget.


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