Application for Legislative Commission for Dianne H. Green

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Dianne H. Green

Other Names
Dianne Wilner Green

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self empoloyed, occasional real estate investor

Educational Background

BA Economics, Spanish, History, University of Colorado-Boulder; PhD. Economics, University of Pittsburgh; Certified Management Accountant; Certified Senior Advisor (currently inactive)

Zip Code

Cherry Hills Village

Congressional District


Past Political Activity

I have donated to more political campaigns than I can remember. In the 2020 election cycle, I have invested in campaigns of Democrats running in all seven Congressional districts, John Hickenlooper's presidential and senatorial campaigns, and many out-of-state races as well as several get-out-the-vote and other PACs. I also donated to a few people running in state legislature districts.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Denver Association of Business Economists; Colorado Health Care Strategy and Management; Institute of Management Accountants (IMA); Sisterhood of Temple Emanuel; National Association of Business Economists

Organization and Advocacy Experience

I have served in various board positions with the Denver Chapter of IMA (now Denver-Centennial chapter), including president, and as treasurer of the IMA Rocky Mountain Council, now part of the Wild West Council. My participation in NABE, DABE and CHSM has not included leadership roles. I have held various board positions in the Sisterhood of Temple Emanuel and was a member of the Temple Emanuel board as well, serving on the strategic planning committee. As trustee for the Sisterhood Gift Shop, I have advocated for small businesses.


I am a strong believer in 'one person, one vote,' and I would treasure the opportunity to help make sure that legislative districts in Colorado are drawn fairly. Districts that have boundaries that meander here and there to pick up or exclude certain voters because of their race, income level, ethnicity, or political leanings are simply abhorrent. I hope that with the 2020 Census data it will be possible to avoid the politics and stick to the facts in laying out districts. We will have enough challenge to deal with issues surrounding the Census undercount, and confusion from the current administration about which individuals are to be counted. Creating fair districts this census cycle will be a challenge!

Statement on Working with Consensus

My various leadership positions in community activities, and my university teaching experience have all required the abiliity to help participants see all sides of issues and move toward a consensus that addresses the concerns of all parties. While I am a strong advocate of my views when that is appropriate, I am used to the role of being the impartial member of a group who sees all sides of an issue and attempts to bring the sides together.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

My analytical skills were developed as a student of social sciences, both in the United States and at the University of Costa Rica. Economics builds on mathematics, statistics, and application of accepted research methods to better understand individuals' and organizations' motivations and actions, and then to resolve specific problems or develop policies based on that understanding. Economics also provides methods analyzing behavior of individual decision makers like you and me, and major groups or sectors in an economy, such as all consumers and all businesses, and other countries. These different views provide valuable perspectives to policy makers. Further, as a student of management accounting, I have learned to apply analytical techniques to the operations of businesses. These various research and analytical skills lead one to approach problems logically and to develop well-reasoned solutions to problems. They also allow one to apply criteria of fairness to proposed solutions.


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