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Ageno Otii

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Ageno Otii

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I am currently the Director of Training and Facilitation at The Civic Canopy, a nonprofit focused on creating the conditions where the many can work as one for the good of all. As a facilitator, I am experienced in creating and leading group processes through difficult issues. Many groups often use consensus building, so I am well versed on a number of consensus making activities that support decision-making.

Educational Background

I have a Bachelor's degree in Communication and Political Science from the University of Colorado. Additionally, I am a trained facilitator and trainer in a number of evidence based practices for returning citizens including Motivational Interviewing, cognitive behavioral education, and trauma informed practices. As a result of my current role at The Civic Canopy, I have also been trained in Results Based Accountibility, community engagement, and emergent learning.

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Past Political Activity

My political activity has been focused on nonpartisan, community level change (rather than political campaigns). I have volunteered for nonprofit organizations, community events, and work groups. Since 2015 I have donated to political campaigns for two friends, Representative Leslie Herod and Congressman Joe Neguse.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Rise Colorado- Board President, 2013-2019 Gulu Go- Board Secretary, current Park Hill Condo Association- Board President, 2017-2018

Organization and Advocacy Experience

My first professional job in college was to represent the students of the University of Colorado at the State Legislature as a registered lobbyist. I tracked bill, met with legislators, crafted legislative action days for students and families, and coordinated state legislative agenda with federal legislative agenda for increasing access to higher education. From a young age, I've seen the power of collective action. I worked for veterans and their families and justice involved persons, advocating for policies that support their successful reintegration into civil society and continued thriving. As a volunteer, I have spent the last decade supporting organizations or efforts for youth in Colorado and Uganda. The common thread amongst all of this work is that racial minority groups, girls, and women are all impacted in disproportionate ways. As an advocate and professional, my dedication has been to uplift fairness and opportunity for all to thrive.


Colorado is at a pivotal point in its growth. As a woman of color born in Denver who has worked in several parts of the state and metro area, I have witnessed our growth lack the changes for our evolving population. I am most concerned with fair mapping in this process and want to be a part of the decision-making that helps to set equitable maps for the future of Colorado. Being on this commission would mean that the chances for creating fair maps include a process where diverse perspectives (both mine and the voices of those I have worked with in community) are represented through my seat.

Statement on Working with Consensus

As a community member, professional, and facilitator, consensus building is the best way to reach agreement. I chaired a grant making committee where consensus building was the decision-making means. This meant I was in charge of creating space for all voices to be heard (including unpopular ones), identifying areas of alignment and disagreement, probing and testing assumptions, fostering dialogue and deep listening, and supporting the group to move toward decision that all could agree to. I have a unique ability to listen deeply for understanding and future state, forge relationship with just about anyone, be fair and impartial, and move a process toward an intended outcome. I will bring these skills and a few consensus building facilitation tricks along with me if selected for the commission.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I'm skilled at problem diagnosis, case analysis, research, and prioritization develop clear understanding of the problem. To get to solutions, I am skilled in brainstorming, restructuring, strategic planning, collaboration. Throughout a process, I am often the person most concerned with mediation of differences, consesus- building, and reaching agreed solutions. My ability to think critically, communicate effectively and foster relationship with a variety of people makes me successful in these skills.


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African American or Black
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