Application for Legislative Commission for Colin Patrick Temme

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Colin Patrick Temme

Other Names
Colin Temme

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Attorney (Senior Counsel), Generate Capital, Inc.

Educational Background

BA, Government and Philosophy, University of Virginia JG, Georgetown University Law School

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Past Political Activity

Donation in 2020 to Biden for President

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

- Leadership Committee establishing Soaring Heights PK-8 School in St. Vrain Valley School District, 2017-18 - Colorado Bar Association (2014-Present) - Virginia State Bar (2011- Present) - D.C. Bar (2011-Present)

Organization and Advocacy Experience

In my job as an renewable energy transactional attorney, I spend my day advocating for my client's position and seeking common ground with counterparties in order to structure transactions that meet the needs of my client and the communities in which they serve. As a member of the Leadership Committee for the establishment of Soaring Heights PH-8 School, I worked with the administration and faculty of the school in the months leading up to the opening of the school to establish the principals, values and priorities that would shape the school, its focus and curriculum.


Commissions like this represent the best that government can do to directly engage with the citizenry , while addressing critical shortcomings that traditional approaches to redistricting have created - namely gerrymandering and the disenfranchisement caused by such approaches. I see no more important role of an informed electorate and member of our society than to help shape an electoral landscape that promotes fair representation for all Coloradans.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I'm a critical listener and I approach each problem ready to be persuaded. My role as a transactional attorney is to use my experience and knowledge to understand the concerns and motivations of both my client and the counterparty, and create solutions that address those concerns while meeting the party's mutual goals. The best result comes from negotiating around a party's interest and not simply negotiating from a stated position. I would take the same approach here: find common ground, and make sure we are driven not by a pre-determined result that is to my liking but that the results are driven from first principals, values and that common ground we share, all in accordance with the law and our charge as commissioners.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

As a practicing attorney, my workdays are spent constructing, analyzing and rebutting logical arguments as they relate to an issue and shaping results on the basis of those arguments. While logic is necessary to the analysis, logical reasoning alone is not sufficient. It is merely one tool, among many. You must be willing to engage in the particulars of the problem, immerse yourself in the subject-matter at hand, and apply the logic, along with whatever other factors are relevant, and come to a decision. As an attorney advising a renewable energy business on contract negotiation, I inform and temper the legal/contractual logical arguments we make with my knowledge of the subject matter and an understanding of the business's needs and objectives. By understanding the subject matter and business's primary concerns, we can evaluate the risk inherent with a transaction and use logic to focus on those issues that are most important and how to adequately address them. I would take the same approach with respect to the congressional redistricting process - immerse myself in the facts, listen to the electorate and turn to subject-matter experts to inform our decision-making process in order to create the best result possible.


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