Application for Legislative Commission for Shawn Matthew Turk

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Shawn Matthew Turk

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Shannon Marie Turk

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Land Services Manager, Black & Veatch

Educational Background

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Religious Studies; Master of Science in Environmental Policy with a concentration in Geographic Information Systems; Master of Science in Energy Legal Studies; Doctoral Candidate in Public Policy and Administration (Dissertation pending, June 2022)

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Past Political Activity

This past election cycle I have donated to several campaigns, both locally and at the federal level. During the 2020 presidential primary I made small contributions to candidates Beto Rourke, Pete Buttigeg, and Vice President Elect Kamala Harris. I also donated small amounts to Rep. Brianne Titonne here in Colorado for House District 27 and San Diego City Council candidate Toni Duran. I've also historically donated small amounts to One Colorado and the Human Rights Campaign.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

I have served as a governor appointed member of the Colorado State Board of Health since March 2019, currently as the Vice President of the Board. Through my Board of Health duties I also serve as the Chair of the Cancer, Cardiovascular, and Pulmonary Disease Grant Committee through CDPHE. I also currently serve as a Planning Commission alternate member (volunteer) for the City of Centennial. From March 2019 to March 2020 I was one of ten fellows participating in the Victory Empowerment Fellowship in Minneapolis and Washington DC through the Victory Institute, focused on increased representation at all levels of government for LGBTQ people of color and trans identifying people. I previously served for two years on the City and County of Denver LGBTQ Commission under Mayor Hancock (from 2015 to 2017). In 2014 and 2015 I was a student member of the National Association of Lease and Title Analysts as well as the American Association of Petroleum Landmen while working for Anadarko Petroleum and Encana Oil and Gas. I am currently a member of the Colorado Wireless Association.

Organization and Advocacy Experience

A larger part of my professional experience involves organizing community engagement in the public sector to represent and advocate for scientific organizations, the oil and gas industry, and the wireless industry through neighborhood meetings and quasi-judicial hearings at the local level (Planning Commission, City Council, etc). In my volunteer work as Board President for the Gender Identity Center of Colorado (not Transgender Center of the Rockies), I worked alongside a variety of community organizations (One Colorado, Denver Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce) to educate and encourage policy change related to the LGBTQ community


I have spent the last five years looking for ways to become more involved in the governmental process here in Colorado, which led me to my appointment to the State Board of Health and a recent appointment to the City of Centennial Planning Commission. The Colorado Redistricting Commission is a perfect blend of my desire for civic engagement and my passion for mapping and demographic analysis from working as an urban planner.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I believe my background in psychology provides me with a much needed skill set to work with a variety of personalities and interests, while remaining neutral and grounded during contentious discussions and decision making. This ability to remain impartial, calm, actively listen, and hear each side of a discussion has lent itself to building consensus in my professional and volunteer experiences. In my workings with the Board of Health and CCPD Grant Committee I’ve participated in a wide variety of highly emotional and contentious decisions, from reducing grant funding across a portfolio by millions of dollars, voting on rules related to infant immunization, and providing recommendations to the Governor and CDPHE related to COVID-19 response. Through each of these situations, I’ve been able to maintain a level of professionalism and fairness.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I believe my educational and professional experience related to Geographic Information Systems and demographics/urban planning provides significant analytical skills that would lend itself well to analyzing and potentially redistricting the congressional or legislative districts here in Colorado. My early career as a planning intern and planner involved utilizing GIS to create comprehensive planning documents at both the local (City of Northglenn) and regional levels (Denver Regional Council of Governments). This work involved a great deal of analysis related to population and demographics.


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Transgender Male