Application for Legislative Commission for Robert F. Matthias

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Robert F. Matthias

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Robert Frederic Matthias

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I retired two years ago. The previous 25 years I worked as a full-time, professional handyman. Previous to that, I served as a geologist up to divisional VP in the corporate world for companies large and small. I had P&L responsibility for a $6MM division of a privately held firm. More recently, I've served two large churches as volunteer Chair of the Board of Management for a total of 11 years, responsible for the finances and physical plants of both, with budgets of $1.3MM and endowments of $6MM.

Educational Background

BA and MS in Geology. MBA with finance as emphasis.

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Past Political Activity

I have canvassed for Obama and H. Clinton, and made phone calls for the Democrats in Florida and Boulder in the most recent election. I have contributed small amounts to numerous Democratic candidates, all over the country, too numerous to list.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

I served as Chair of the Board of Management and member of Church Council of First Congregational Church of Boulder, CO for five years until 2019. My board had responsibility for a $900,000 annual budget and $4MM endowment.

Organization and Advocacy Experience

As Board Chair at First Cong, I developed subcommittees to spread the work load and responsibility for various aspects of our work, and to increase board members' involvement. I also served on the church's Stewardship Committee, helping to raise the funds to make the church operate. Earlier, I served as Hiking School Director for the Boulder Group of the Colorado Mountain Club, organizing classroom and field training.


I've lived in Colorado 22 years, and would like to give something back to my adopted state. In this hyper-partisan time, I believe I can bring a voice of reason and fairness to the political process. I have no interest in elective office, so this would be a way for me to do that. I have the time available for this big commitment.

Statement on Working with Consensus

One of the hallmarks of a democracy is valuing the minority interests. Being in the majority does not make one more "right" or give one the ability to ignore the legitimate concerns of others. I listen to others' opinions and have empathy with them. I believe I can be impartial because I know my political party is not right all of the time and does not have exclusive access to the truth. I have served on juries in two criminal cases, and while not the foreman, I played a key role in achieving a verdict.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I was trained as a scientist (geologist) and moved into senior management with various employers. I rarely worked for someone who knew more about how to do my job than I did; I usually had to figure it out myself, using logic and reason. In my last 25 years as a handyman I spent my time figuring out what the problem was before I could devise a solution. I have long practice using logic and reason.


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