Application for Legislative Commission for Hoa Vu-Hiep Pham

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Hoa Vu-Hiep Pham

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Hoa V Pham, Hoa Pham

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Currently unemployed. Previously employed by Our Lady of the Woods Catholic church in Woodland Park, CO; City Market in Woodland Park, CO; Honeywell Aerospace and Defense division in Clearwater, FL

Educational Background

BS in Computer Engineering from University of South Florida, Tampa, FL - 05/2001

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Past Political Activity

I have not donated to any campaigns or political organizations since Nov. 10, 2015.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Pikes Peak Mycological Society (PPMS) - Colorado Springs (2014-2017) Colorado Mycological Society (CMS) - Denver (2017-present)

Organization and Advocacy Experience

I was PPMS secretary, foray coordinator and newsletter editor from 2015 to 2017. My duties included, but were not limited to: - Taking meeting minutes for board meetings and general meetings - Creating monthly newsletters during the summer season (April – October) - Scouting, coordinating, and leading mycological forays on the Front Range. I also coordinated a weekend-long foray (4 days) in Buena Vista for over 50 attendees (both CMS & PPMS members and noted/published mycologists). This included booking housing, planning meals, scouting foray locations, recruiting volunteers, and communicating/organizing logistics with volunteers and attendees. I created a booklet with Kit Scate’s Easy ID Guide to Gilled Mushrooms and PPMS foray tags Volunteered at the Denver Botanic Garden’s annual Mushroom Fair; sorted specimens and set up identification tables, manned an informational booth on poisonous/toxic mushrooms. I created, and am still one of the administrators of, the PPMS Facebook group where local Coloradans who have an interest in mycology (whether for food or science) can join, post pictures of their finds, ask questions about identification, our local mushroom season or anything mycologically related.


I feel it is my civic duty, as a citizen and resident of Colorado, to contribute to the advancement of my community and state. As an immigrant and college-educated female minority, I also want my demographic to be represented.

Statement on Working with Consensus

Growing up as the youngest of six in a multi-generational household I learned how to pick my battles, stand up for what I believed in, not be bullied or intimidated by my elders (siblings), and make compromises without compromising my core values. Being a female engineer in a male dominated profession, I learned diplomacy, leadership and communication skills. But most importantly, I perfected the art of persuasion. I built and maintained rapport with, and achieved respect from my colleagues, subordinates and supervisors. As a test engineer, one must be fair and impartial in order to determine root cause and corrective action. I learned that my initial assessment of a situation wasn’t always the most accurate once all the data and information was collected and analyzed. I have trained myself to see both sides of an argument prior to making a conclusion.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I was a design and test engineer for the better part of nine years. I was required to approach problems by seeing both pros and cons to every aspect of a design and how best to proceed based on all the information available. Due to my educational and career choices, I have superlative analytical skills. I make spreadsheets for just about anything that I deem an important decision – like buying a house or a car, moving, landscaping ideas, and making general repairs. As an avid (and quite successful) mushroom hunter, I rely on my analytical skills to first pour over satellite images and terrain maps to determine whether or not a location is worth exploring. I’ll then go in the off-season to enjoy a hike and observe the surrounding environment to determine the types of mushrooms that would most likely be growing based on the ecosystem present (types of trees, amount of water, shade, etc). Then during the season I check weather radar maps and forecasts to determine when the best time would be to go hunting – only after integrating all this information. Even the most seasoned mushroom hunters I’ve met are in awe of my ability to know exactly when, where and how to find the choicest of the choice edible mushrooms in Colorado. I’ve only been doing this as a hobby for 6 years.


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