Application for Legislative Commission for Christopher Boudreau

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Christopher Boudreau

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I'm a private contractor that works as a skills development coach as well as a par time bartender.

Educational Background

I have a BS from the Warner College of Natural Resources in Natural Resource Recreation and Tourism with a minor in Entrepreneurship from Colorado State University.

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Past Political Activity

Never donated money for political purposes.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

The only community organization involvement I have is through my college internship working for the National Sports Center for the Disabled.

Organization and Advocacy Experience

I've held executive positions for both the Colorado State University chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity as well as being a founding member of the Tourism Association. Making daily decisions that would promote these organizations in a positive way.


I'm an individual that believes actions speak louder than words. And I want to serve on this commission to represent all of Colorado that allows us to grow in our political system in a positive direction rather than a polarizing one my demographic has grown accustom to.

Statement on Working with Consensus

Being a college athlete required me to work as a unit and be able to work with various personalities to accomplish our goal. In the process of creating agreement, its important to be able to truly listen and engage with individuals, regardless if you agree with them, and be able to remove your personal emotions to your decision making. Being impartial is an everyday practice because it prevents my subconscious bias to making important decisions and allows me to consider all the variables in the decision making process.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

Working as a commercial whitewater guide, I had to analyze my customers with very little information to go off of. All I had was a bus ride up to the put in where I would ask question that would excite and motivate my customers, but it would also give me clues on their confidence, fear, arrogance, personality, and or their expectations. With their body language, tone of voice, along with my experience, I made the decisions to where to put guest to not only have the most fun, but to also get them down the river safely through the whitewater. This process required me to always be analyzing, both the human and the natural, variables in play to make the most logical commands down the river, regardless of the circumstances.


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