Application for Legislative Commission for Lyric Gwenn McKnight

Contact Information

Full Name

Lyric Gwenn McKnight

Other Names
Lyric McKnight, Lyric Andrews McKnight, Lyric Gwenn Andrews

Eligible for commission


Party Affiliation



Admin Asst, Colorado Academy - 35 years

Educational Background

BS in Psychology/Foreign Languages

Zip Code


Congressional District


Past Political Activity

Precinct committeeperson in Denver past 20 years or more. Active with House District 1 Democrats in Denver, past co-captain (prior to Feb 2017) Donated to: Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, Amy McGrath (Ditch Mitch Fund), Bernie Sanders, Working Families Party, Tulsi Gabbard, Progressive Turnout Project, CDP Progressive Dems, Denver Democratic Party.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Sierra Club, Colorado Native Plant Society, People and Pollinators Action Network, Walk2Connect, Order of the Eastern Star, Colorado Renewable Energy Society, AARP, Climate Mobilization, Harvey Park Community Organization, Harvey Park Sustainability Committee, Greater Denver Urban Homesteading Group, Denver Urban Gardens

Organization and Advocacy Experience

l have worked largely in more local groups and always try to assure that all voices are heard. While majority will prevail, the voices of all are important and often bring a new perspective. I am a garden leader for a local community garden with DUG and endeavor to bring education and support while also helping the group to be productive and inclusive, accepting of different styles and goals. My work with the Sustainability team, also, consists of a great deal of support behind the scenes. I have declined to be chair of the group but always make myself available to set up and run meetings and activities when needed, to coordinate meeting spaces (pre-COVID) and to keep up social media interactions and other communication among members and interested parties. I was the Board Secretary of the Harvey Park Improvement Association (now Harvey Park Community Organization) for a number of years and kept records of meetings, coordinated activities, and assisted in the advertisement and publication of the monthly neighborhood newsletter.


I grew up in Colorado and firmly believe that it is a strong community with a multitude of voices that deserve to be heard. As our population grows, it is easy to lose those voices in the furor of the rush to grow, to build, to earn, to succeed. But the voices of the citizens are the bedrock of our society. Our state is growing, and we need to take a careful look at what forces pull it in various directions and give the appropriate power to the people who live in and depend on our society. I want to contribute to a thoughtful research and discussion as to how we can best represent all the citizens of our state equitably.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I freely admit that I volunteer for partisan candidates and causes. I am passionate about what I see to be important rights for all who live in our state. But that does not deter me from working for the goals of fairness and impartiality in updating the system through which our residents are represented in important discussions. I want to collect all the information available and look at it as critically as possible, listening to others' interpretations of the data. I am not egotistic enough to think that I have all the right answers, or even that I can see issues from every angle without the input of others who see things differently. Discussions such as these are integral to arriving at just conclusions and, in actuality, are both exciting and enlightening. I appreciate opportunities to see others’ viewpoints in an arena of respectful discussion.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I am primarily a concrete learner... I like to see things in black and white, in spreadsheets, and in numbers. I have sometimes been accused of being slow to come to decisions because I like to weigh all the facts and also the impacts of outside influences on outcomes. I am not afraid to put on the brakes and ask for something to be restated, or enlarged upon, to get a better understanding of a situation. I believe that only by looking at something from all angles and from all viewpoints can we have a clear understanding.


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