Application for Legislative Commission for Lisa Hall

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Lisa Hall

Other Names
Lisa Falk, Lisa Asner

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Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Self Employed, LHCounseling, PC

Educational Background

BA, Journalism, University of Colorado, Boulder MA, Counseling Psychology, University of Colorado, Denver ongoing continuing ed to uphold my LMFT with Colorado Dept of Reg Agencies for last 25 years

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Congressional District


Past Political Activity

2020 donated to McGrath, Warnock, Gideon, Kelly, Harrison, Greenfield, Hegar, Vote Blue, Lincoln Project

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Boulder Interdisciplinary Committee on Child Custody (have been a members, served on Board and served as President of the organization); Clinical Member, American Association of Marriage & Family Therapy Clinical Member; Colorado Division of the American Association of Marriage & Family Therapy; Association of Family & Conciliation Courts; Colorado Division of Family & Conciliation Courts; Democratic Party

Organization and Advocacy Experience

I advocate for children of divorce, child sexual assault victims, domestic violence victims. The needs of families and children are part of my daily work as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in my private therapy practice in Louisville, Colorado. I work with clients, consult with colleagues, give presentations, serve on Boards, and testify as an expert witness in courts throughout the Denver Metro area


I want to contribute to the United States political democracy, give more of my time to civic duty, and I believe that I have many skills that will be helpful.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I have been a Licensed Marriage & Family therapist for almost 25 years. On a daily basis, I'm in the middle of all kinds of tough highly charged/conflict situations where emotions run high. I mediate people’s relationship struggles every day. People trust me. I am often able to help others with through very challenging situations. Frequently, I provide consultation to colleagues in the areas of law and mental health. My colleagues come to be frequently with questions about mental health, legal and ethical concerns and the intersection of these areas and how to best serve children and families. I am able to be fair, despite sometimes having strong views. People know that I am transparent, honest, and sometimes frank. These are all skills that I will bring to the commissioners to help sort through our differences, promote consensus and contribute with care and wisdom.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I have decades of experience and ongoing continuing education related to understanding and helping people work through challenging dynamics and heated subjects. I tend to help people to break through blocks they may have in moving forward, taking action, making tough decisions that impact the lives of their clients, children, and families. People experience me as understanding core issues quickly, distilling down information to key issues and bringing myself to the table to help in a committed, compassionate, empathic, heartfelt way while staying very focused on what needs to be done. I find common ground on a daily basis using reframing, motivational interviewing, listening, mediation and therapy skills, and assessment and evaluation of complex clinical issues and treatment planning to improve these situations.


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