Application for Legislative Commission for Laura Liseth Botello Martinez

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Laura Liseth Botello Martinez

Other Names
Laura Botello, Laura Martinez, Laura Botello Martinez

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Educational Background

BA Journalism and Spanish Life Coach and Executive Coach certification

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Past Political Activity

I have not donated money to any campaigns or other political organizations since November 10, 2015.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

The political, civic and community organization to which I have belonged since November 10, 2015 are: - Our Lady Mother of the Church - Coloradans for the Common Good -Colorado Institute for Public Life -Adams County School District Board Member - Director - CUPC (Community United for Positive Change) - DAAC (District Accountability Advisory Committee - Adams 14) - CEMEPA (Coalicion para El Mejoramiento de las Escuelas Publicas de A14).

Organization and Advocacy Experience

Through Coloradans for the Common Good, I have learned to organize members of my community to represent our school district in front of the State Board of Education and advocate for our students and our schools. We spoke in front of the Board to ask them to listen to us when making a decision on who our External Management Organization should be when our district was in year 8 on the accountability clock. Through Coloradans for the Common Good, I also had the opportunity to organize a Founders Assembly where we invited local school Board Members, City Council and the Attorney General candidates to speak on what their intentions were in listening to our demands. We were able to hold the Attorney General Phil Weiser accountable for his promises and currently continues to work with us to understand what our community needs are. During the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic, we talked to several members of our communities to ask them what they needed support in. Through these conversations, I learned that many of our parents were having difficulties accessing reliable internet for their children to do remote learning. We called our State Senators, Representatives and internet companies such as Verizon, Comcast and T-mobile to work on a plan to provide access to reliable internet.


I want to serve on this commission because I believe that getting involved in government and in the community is one of the best ways to give back to our city, state and country. I believe that by serving in such an important commission, I am able to understand how our government works and how I can support my fellow community members in getting the resources they need.

Statement on Working with Consensus

During this election season, one of the most important things that I have learned is that listening to all sides and doing my own research are the best ways to understand each perspective. In understanding the different sides, I am better able to create a middle ground where both sides can agree on something. I will bring what I have learned to the commission to promote consensus by listening to everyone's suggestions, concerns and then working together to come with a solution we are all willing to follow. I know that although my point of view is different from others, in understanding why they think how they do will allow me to see the situation in a different light. Everyone's opinions and beliefs are based on their own life experiences and interpretations of such. This is why it is extremely important to understand people's perspectives and how their life experiences shaped their beliefs in order to be fair and impartial and not judgmental.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I believe I am an analytical individual who usually thinks about the many solutions to a situation and what is the best way to solve a problem. I am able to listen to all the different perspectives and think of how they would help in coming up with a solution. If I can't picture a solution, I look for a more through explanation so that I can see how it makes or doesn't make sense.


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Some other race

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