Application for Legislative Commission for Karen Wilson-Winfrey

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Karen Wilson-Winfrey

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Senior Quality Assurance Analyst/Quality Manager at iBeta Quality Assurance

Educational Background

I possess a Bachelor of Science Degree (minor in psychology), and currently hold the following certifications: - ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Certified Internal Auditor (2019-present) - FIDO Biometric Component Certification (2018-present) Past Certifications: - Certified Tax Preparation Professional ( Jan 2016-Dec 2016) - OSHA Safety Training - Blood Borne Pathogens, Biohazard, and Serology Training certificates

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I have been an active Democratic voter since my college years. Although I am a true Democrat, when it comes to elected officials, amendments, and propositions I do vote my conscience and what is fair and logical to me, not just based on a political party. I have completed many surveys/polls and donated funds to the DGA. I've also signed petitions on

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

I've been a volunteer at Excel Institute (an affordable community Christian private institute focusing on minorities and underprivileged children) from 2010-2016 and became an employee (Teacher) 2016-2017 during their last year of existence. I have also been a Top Walker/Fundraiser/Speaker for Heart Walk and AHA events such as Go Red for Women since 2006, and continue to participate. In addition, I've volunteered at Smoky Hill Vineyard Church beginning in 2013, and in the early 2000's I was on the fundraising board at National Jewish Health.

Organization and Advocacy Experience

In the past few years I have definitely had the desire to become more involved in sociology, being a part of the promotion of human rights, wildlife protection, environmental preservation, and various programs in Colorado, and being a part of platforms that come together (Democratic, Republican, Independent, etc.) to find common ground, solutions, and ways to improve the state of Colorado. My current platform for advocating for organizations and groups is talking with others personally or on various personal platforms and obtaining opinions, sharing information, and having informed discussions respectfully. I read, research, pay attention to our representatives, vote, and keep up with what is going on in Colorado as well as other states and countries. I'm also a proud Colorado Native.


This year I had a strong desire to be a Census Taker in the 2020 Census Collection, but with the pandemic things naturally changed. I did however complete my census survey and encouraged family, friends, and coworkers to complete theirs as well. My desire to be more involved in the process has grown in seeing there is so much non-partisan work to be done in our state; and now that we have officially voted for independent commissions for redistricting (both legislative and congressional), placing the responsibility in the hands of the community members, not elected officials, I'd like to be a part of the process. I believe a fully diverse pool of candidates is best, and currently, it appears that ethnic groups, as well as women, in both the congressional and legislative committee applicants, are underrepresented. Representation from underserved communities is imperative as well. This matters strictly for fairness and diversity so that all areas are considered from a selection of people that can collaborate and share reasoning and draw fair, final, and unbiased conclusions on selecting districts. It would be my absolute pleasure to be engaged in such an important and groundbreaking undertaking.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I have always been viewed as a fair and reasonable person who not only listens but is able to understand and consider many different thought processes and points of view. I am a person who communicates well and is extremely understanding, yet can convey my point in a manner that can be understood. In realizing that this is a committee, we must all be able to provide facts, share opinions, and views and talk through the entirety of what is presented, and come to fair, rational, and logical conclusions. I have the ability to do this while helping to keep the group on track and encouraging respect and openness. Being fair and impartial is not difficult for me, I'm surrounded by friends, coworkers, previous coworkers, neighbors, church members, and even family members who have varied views, opinions, and beliefs and I am able to listen and respectfully honor those while also considering facts and looking at the overall outcome. This is why diversity on many levels is so important for committees and organizations, I believe there can be little success in any area without people coming together to accomplish a goal while bringing dissimilar positions or viewpoints to the conversation to be considered, all for the greater good.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I do consider myself a logical thinker naturally, however, I have also held many positions that require in-depth analytical processing. In my current position as a Biometric Senior QA, I have to examine all areas of the application/software to be tested to conclude its function, security, and useability, and what type of artifacts are best to be created and used for Presentation Attack Detection testing, this is critical. Many times the application may behave inconsistently so that must be considered as well in the final artifact decision or alteration and testing approach. If the appropriate selection isn't made and in addition, all testing result metrics aren't calculated correctly the application may inaccurately pass the overall testing, be released, and thus produce biometric security issues for the general population because we didn't do our due diligence. This is simply one example. I am able to look at a problem, consider all angles, arrive at and apply solutions, make projections, and draw conclusions.


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African American or Black
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