Application for Legislative Commission for Joshua Philip Miller

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Joshua Philip Miller

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-Of Counsel; HLBS Law -Founder; ESQ Analytics -Reserve Support Officer; U.S. Marine Corps

Educational Background

-JD; University of Denver-2012 -BS Economics; Arizona State University-2012 -Certificate in Data Science; Galvanize 2020

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Past Political Activity

-I donated approximately $5 to the President Trump's campaign, that is it.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

I am a member of the Colorado Bar Association YLD, Military Officers' Association

Organization and Advocacy Experience

I have advocated on behalf of the Marine Corps Recruiting Station Denver before school boards and other organizations.


I understand the importance that the demographic makeup of a district can have upon the success of an area and the ability for an official to effectively represent that community.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I believe that I can calm a situation and create an environment where all commissioners will hear out the others and come to a logical decision as opposed to an emotional decision. I pride myself on being fair and impartial, to the point that when I answered questions truthfully, I was selected to sit on a jury, in a courtroom where I clerked for the judge, and where I answered that I has practiced recently as a criminal lawyer. I ended up serving as the foreman in that case and I believe we reached the correct result, which was a split verdict, since we were able to be fair and impartial.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

My most relevant analytical skills in this context were gained through a data science program where we analyzed data of all types to create effective models. I founded a company where we create similar models for law firms to analyze their data. Additionally, while serving as the the Executive Officer for Recruiting Station Denver, it was my responsibility to divide up the areas of responsibility of the states of Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming, and South Dakota into equitable sectors of population, by zip code, to allow for each recruiter to have a fair chance of writing their monthly quota of contracts. This directly translates into the districting problem set, because you have to come up with the most equitable division of population amongst areas, to include things that make an area a community and groping with large geographical areas.


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