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Diane Crist

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I am self-employed as a small business accountant. I have and maintain my own artistic business as well and write for clients and in ways that support my own business endeavors.

Educational Background

I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from USC and a professional degree in Accounting.

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Past Political Activity

I have worked as an election judge or worker in Boulder County Elections since the general election of 2014. I do not donate to campaigns.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

I belong to the Boulder County Republican group and I attend the local Republican caucus. I am a Board Member on my community HOA

Organization and Advocacy Experience

In any meeting, I'm usually the one to bring prepared data and facts to the table. That being said, I've been called "mindful" in my words and approach in meetings. I've diffused heated moments by finding a middle road. A new piece of equipment might be possible if we mitigate the expense with potential cost savings paired with potential increase in income. I've been able to work with Democrats during elections by focusing on the process, discussing my reasoning during decision making and listening to the methodology of those around me.


This seems like an area in which I would excel. and I believe in community service.

Statement on Working with Consensus

In my business professional life I have often been the objective party between opposing needs or wants, such as between sales vs credit management, employee benefits vs budget managers, asset management vs growth developers. Usually I can find some common thread between members of a business or community and the accounting idea of balancing debits and credits can be applied to balancing emotional needs/wants to ambitions/desires with stability/public opinion concerns. I have found the cost of many initiatives to be different than idea advocates believe and more fully communicating perceived ideas often helps us discover balance. Often people begin with, "We'll never get that past Accounting," or "Sales will never agree to customer limitations." Usually these are unfounded in that Accounting creates opportunity with money and Sales departments like policies that ensure commissions are paid.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I have a mathematical mind, I see patterns easier than some, I am spacially oriented and curious. I ask questions and speak my mind in non-confrontational ways. I am problem focussed and solution oriented.


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