Application for Legislative Commission for Jose Rafael Espinoza

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Jose Rafael Espinoza

Other Names
J. Rafael Espinoza, Rafael Medina (Media career name)

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Self-employed since April of 2017-- Management/Marketing and Communications consultant, and small business owner/partner of a direct mail/real estate marketing company. Resume attached.

Educational Background

Attended the University of Colorado and Regis University. U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, Non-Commissioned Officer(Communications Security and Intelligence Analyst)

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Congressional District


Past Political Activity

I have volunteered and/or have donated to the following campaigns: David Ortiz(HD38), Julian Castro, Dana Gutwein(Lakewood City Council), Joseph Biden, Joseph A. Salazar for Atty. General. Withdrew my candidacy for Lakewood City Council in 2018. Active supporter, volunteer and promoter of non-partisan GOTV and RTV efforts every election cycle.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Hispanic Annual Salute-Board of Directors(2008-2017), Mi Casa Resource Center-Board of Directors(2012-2017)

Organization and Advocacy Experience

I have been involved professionally and voluntarily promoting, and providing communications and marketing expertise for grass-roots, non-profit organization's outreach, targeting, and promotion efforts for many years (English/Spanish). Focusing on diversity and inclusion in civic engagement, economic development, health, and most recently, in issues related to Veterans and climate.


Representation matters. Being the son of an immigrant from Mexico born in Denver, and on my father's side, a multi-generational native of Colorado and descendant of the Native and Mexican community that inhabited the San Luis Valley -long before statehood was granted- I feel a duty and responsibility to ensure underrepresented communities have a voice in this process. With my appointment to this commission, I will encourage transparent and fair representation for all districts while advocating to protect the integrity of fair and free elections for all Coloradans, and be a resource as an active member of an underrepresented segment of our diverse population.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I will determine what I believe is fair and appropriate from a cultural point of view, then educate fellow commissioners based on that perspective which is reflected in the history of our state, all while seeking agreement and consensus with various points of view in mind.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

My experience as a Marketing and Communications specialist has refined and honed my skills not only as a promoter or "targeter", but as an interpreter of research, qualitative/quantitative metrics analysis, data mining, and comprehensive, Native knowledge of our state's demographic, ethnographic, and geographic landscape. My strengths are organizing, reporting, and communicating the complexity of data and analysis so it is easily understood by diverse audiences and market segments.


Racial categories the applicant identifies with:
American Indian or Native Alaskan

The applicant has Hispanic/Latino/Spanish origin

Applicant identifies with the following gender