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Jennifer Vanian

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Subcontracting painting business, 32 years. Volunteered with rebuilding after earthquakes in Central America, volunteered with Boy Scouts of America. Volunteered reading aloud to a blind man 13 years. Worked 5 election cycles from Election Judge, to Signature Verification. Started a Community Garden and managed 100 plots in my community. Changed the law in my town to allow backyard chickens for food security.

Educational Background

I raised two children into capable adults who finished degrees at Universities without having had that opportunity myself. I worked hard and created a stable family environment with love and attention put into learning, and creating value in the world. I have volunteered my entire adult life. I am a certified in permaculture, horticulture and floriculture.

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Past Political Activity

I’ve worked as an Election Judge, poll worker and Signature Verifier every election for 5 years except one. I ran for a seat on City Council. I was on the board of two campaigns for County Commissioner.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Committee to elect Paula Stepp Committee to elect Sonya Henman Manager Community Garden Glenwood Springs South Canyon Coalition Poll worker Election Judge Signature Verifier

Organization and Advocacy Experience

I was instrumental in working with the South Canyon Coalition working with the Colo. Natural Heritage program and CSU to get a study and land reclamation on a dangerous fire zone in South Canyon Colo. I started a group and created a backyard chicken policy that went into law in Glenwood Springs Colo. I started a group and got the land, water, tools and shed to start a Community Garden in Glenwood Springs. I created the management schedule. It took three years to implement before I handed it to a new manager.


I want to serve on the commission learn more about democracy and be a participant in it.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I will promote consensus by listening and understanding and making sure everyone understands the process. I believe strongly in a fair and impartial government. I believe this very process is where it starts.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I have learned in my life that almost anything can be fixed. Sometimes it takes patience and the ability to take things apart, back to the beginning to put them back together again. It takes a creative mind to be logical. Logic means to me to be able to have it all apart and be able to decide which piece goes in what order. Clear thinking and staying on task.


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