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Timothy Lyle Clouse

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Retired. I was a senior risk analyst for the US Department of Agriculture.

Educational Background

BS in Economics, 1986 University of Minnesota. Master's in Public Administration (Concentration in Policy Analysis), 1988 University of Minnesota. Attended and taught a variety of courses in statistics, risk analysis, mathematical modeling, and the use of Geographical Information Systems. Attended courses from the Centers for Disease Control on communicating in high concern/low trust situations.

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Past Political Activity

Interned in the congressional office of Representative Martin Sabo in 1987. Since then, my status as a federal employee has kept me from any political involvement.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Member of the Larimer County Agricultural Advisory Board since 2012. The Agricultural Advisory Board is a nonpartisan citizen board that advises County Commissioners on agricultural issues.

Organization and Advocacy Experience

My federal career has entailed extensive involvement with a wide variety of organizations and associations as part of the process of getting public input on various issues. I have met with organizations as diverse as The Sierra Club, the Chemical Manufacturer's Association, the American Egg Board, and the Organic Farmer's Association.


My retirement plans have been to continue to use my analytical skills to serve the community. I believe that my extensive analytic skills and experience in dealing with people in high concern/low trust situations will be very useful in developing a redistricting plan that will be acceptable to the people of Colorado.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I have done this in a number of situations. When I was doing defense budget work, one of our goals was to have the Defense Department concur with our recommended budget reductions. My risk analysis work for the Department of Agriculture involved getting consensus on international trade agreements, getting producer groups to understand and accept proposed regulations. The General Accounting Office is a nonpartisan agency that supports the US Congress: be impartial and nonpartisan was a professional responsibility. My work at the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Agriculture involved reviewing grant applications, requests for importing agricultural products where we had to consider the benefits and costs of doing so without including various political aspects. Much this sort of work involves communicating and working with people in high concern/low trust situations and I am accustomed to working in these sorts of environments.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I have 30-odd years of policy analysis, risk analysis, and statistics that I have applied to a wide variety of issues ranging from defense budget reviews, epidemiology, performance evaluations of public health clinics, and risks posed by exotic animal diseases. I have also taught these subjects. I have used ArcView, census data, and other databases to analyze issues such the need for medical services and high risk areas for disease outbreaks. My resume provides more details.


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