Application for Legislative Commission for Felicia Renay Barbera

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Felicia Renay Barbera

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I currently work as a Digital Sales Representative for Oracle.

Educational Background

Studied at Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, Attained an Associates Degree at Pikes Peak Community College in Psychology, worked as a Real Estate Agent in Colorado Springs and for several years as a Business Specialist at the Pikes Peak Workforce Center in Colorado Springs

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Past Political Activity

The Hillary Clinton Campaign in 2016 The Bernie Sanders Campaign in 2016 The Joe Biden Campaign in 2020

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Food For Thought - A Volunteer Group that promotes dialogue among diverse groups of people Thrive - Founder and Board Member - A NonProfit that promotes entrepreneurship in SouthEast Colorado Springs CSLI - Colorado Springs Leadership Institute

Organization and Advocacy Experience

As a Business Specialist at the Pikes Peak Workforce Center, I advocated for a variety of different groups depending on the priorities of the organizations. As the founder and currently Vice Board Chair for Thrive, I advocate for new entrepreneurs in SE Colorado Springs. We worked to put this non-profit together in order to advocate for the interests of people in South East Colorado Springs. In my job as a Digital Sales Representative, I frequently advocate for customers to obtain concessions within Oracle Policy. I look for ways to make those concessions win-win.


I am collaborative by nature. I seek consensus by nature and you will find me to be a thoughtful addition to any group. At a time in our country's history when voter suppression seems very prevalent throughout the country I am so PROUD that Colorado is so far ahead of the game with this commission. Voting is the cornerstone of our Democracy and how those votes are distributed determines a community's ability to impact change. I want to serve on this commission to ensure that my community has a voice.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I am a student of Stephen Covey, who says "Seek first to understand, then to be understood." Moreover, in my work on the board for Food For thought, I often trained the facilitators who would moderate discussion groups, and I also completed a certified mediator training program although I have not worked as a mediator.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

Most of my professional experience in Real Estate, as a Business Specialist and currently in Digital Sales, I analyze data to determine if it makes sense to engage someone as a customer, work with a business or provide a concession to a customer. In all of these cases there is a logic behind the decision to engage. I feel very comfortable analyzing data, and applying logic and reason.


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African American or Black
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