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Kevin Timothy Haase

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Currently unemployed. Previously I have been a systems engineer for satellite ground control systems for GPS, a systems engineer for satellite planning and tasking software at DigitalGlobe (now Maxar). Before that I was a NASA mission controller and international liaison for the ISS.

Educational Background

BS Aerospace Engineering, Texas A&M University, 1996

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I have made no political contributions in the last 10 years. I have usually registered as an independent. At some point in the last 15 years I registered as a Republican to get to have input in the primary process, but when the law changed to allow independents to vote in primaries, I changed my registration back to independent.

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I believe in fairness and I have been appalled by the national examples of extreme gerrymandering. The redistricting process must be as fair as possible so that elections reflect the will of the people in their representation. I think I bring the analytical, intellectual, ethical, interpersonal, and consensus building abilities to help make that happen.

Statement on Working with Consensus

First of all, I generally develop good rapport with most people easily. I have always considered myself a centrist, and I have changed from a conservative leaning to a more liberal leaning today. I have friends and family members on both extremes of the political continuum but I engage and debate with them all and do not personalize differences in political ideology. At a core level, I dislike conflict and have always been a bridge builder and dispute resolver. I like to find win-win situations or at least things that everyone can live with. I think that maybe the best indicator of success in a political fight is if everybody is a little unhappy but nobody is irate.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

My educational background in aerospace engineering is primary. I developed algorithms for "scoring" opportunities for satellite imaging to decide what images were the most useful/valuable to collect. I developed techniques for computing GPS signal power and precision worldwide based on ground station measurements at a few dozen discrete sites. I am comfortable working with large data sets in spreadsheets or databases and filtering, sorting and visualizing it. I have some experience with GIS as well, but it's a little rusty.


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