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Danny DeWayne Moore

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Danny D Moore

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I am currently the President, Owner, and Managing Partner of DeNOVO Solution and Thornberry Consulting, LLC.

Educational Background

I am a 24-year Navy veteran. I have attended dozens of leadership and technical schools. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management from Colorado Christian University and an MBA in International Business from the University of Phoenix. I am a certified PMP (Program Management Professional) and Scaled Agilist.

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I have donated to Republican candidates running for both state and federal offices. Matthew Durkin (Republican) - Jefferson County A.G., Mike Lynch (Republican) - CO HD-49, Jan Kulmann (Republican) - Mayor Thornton, Ryan Frasier (Independent) - Mayor Aurora, Cory Gardner (Republican) State Senator, and Republican Presidential campaigns over the past 12 years. I have also contributed to several Independent candidates over the years.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

University of Denver - Graduate School of Professional Psychology, Board of Advisor, Leadership Program of the Rockies Board of Directors, Leadership Program of the Rockies – Board of Advisors, Colorado, Colorado Small Government Contractor Collaborative Board Member, Colorado Business Round Table, Spotted Dawg Fellowship Group, and Program Management Institute - Mile High Chapter.

Organization and Advocacy Experience

I served in the Navy for 24 years and I was the first black male to rise to the rank of Master Chief in my rating history. This means I have spent a lifetime developing skills to enable people to cooperate and work as a team to solve some of our Nation's most difficult problems. I am credentialed in organizing people for I have a bachelor's in organizational management. I have successfully led and directed groups as large as four thousand and as small as ten. I started an Aerospace and Defense company in an environment that does not have a business owner who looks like me. My life is a life of collaboration and building consensus for it had to be because I was never in a position that I held power. My strong suit is hearing what people are not saying and helping others understand what is being said. I believe I would bring the skill of organizing and team building to the commission. My experience is leading in both the Navy and business has provided me with unique experience in working with people with different perspectives and from diverse cultures. I have assisted in organizing Colorado small businesses to form together to advocate for greater opportunities in the state.


Colorado has been home since 1999 and I have spent the last 8 years building a highly successful small business. Our government is a representative government and the power to govern comes from the people. I strongly believe that our ability to vote for who represents us is the most significant role a citizen has. Zoning. is part of how we determine who gets to represent us. If my experience and leadership can be leveraged to ensure this happens in an orderly way that is my desire. This community has given me much and I desire to return to service. Citizens get what they vote for. How we keep a civilized society is through listening to one another, offering counterpoints, and compromises to get to the 80% solutions over that of 100% solutions that not everyone agrees with. Equal representation is another key factor. For our society to remain civilized we must provide all our citizens with equal representation. Colorado is a state that has diverse and changing opinions about politics and issues. I believe that I can bring about consensus and fairness through effective listening to determine the real aim of a person.

Statement on Working with Consensus

Part of my success in life and business is my ability to take hard and complex problems and decompose them into simple and easy to understand solutions. Despite not be a computer scientist or system engineer I understand the complexity of building complex hardware and software solutions. In analyzing a problem, the solution to the problem is often small pieces of many solutions. What I can do is to snip out each part of a person’s idea and combine it into a single solution that works because it has elements of each person’s idea. This results in buy-in to the solutions. Buy-in is the main element of an agreement without it you never gain consensus and you never get agreement on the solution. I have used this approach to turn around large tens of millions of dollar programs that were failing on execution, running millions of dollars over budget and years behind schedule. I was successful in doing this despite the fact I was a subcontractor with no real power or the position as the Prime contractor. To succeed under such circumstances, you must be able to persuade people to do the right thing and empower them through listening.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I built an Aerospace and Defense company. Logic is how we build and deliver systems. I apply logic to understanding the hard in indisputable facts of a problem. But I believe to be successful on this commission you need more reason than anything else. Logic has been fleeing over the past decades. I apply reason to understand another person's point of view and reason to empathize with the standing. All we have left is reason. I am a person who has a lifetime of experience reasoning with people who have nothing of little in common with me. I have done this across a multitude of races and social-economic groups and with great success. This is what I will bring to the commission if selected.


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African American or Black

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