Application for Legislative Commission for Aislinn Nicole Kottwitz

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Aislinn Nicole Kottwitz

Other Names
Aislinn Nicole Hamilton

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Marketing Coordinator, Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital

Educational Background

Associates Degree in Nursing (ADN) at Front Range College (2005); B.S. in Biology at Colorado State University (2001)

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Past Political Activity

I have long been involved in Republican politics, particularly in Larimer County, and have made regular financial contributions to the Larimer County Republican Party. I also made a contribution to Ray Martinez in his race for Fort Collins City Council. I ran for and won a single term on the Fort Collins City Council (a nonpartisan race) and recently ran for and lost a primary for Larimer County Commissioner.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

(1) Liberty Common School Board member (2013-present); (2) the Advanced Care Planning Commission for Sharing the Care for Larimer County (2015-2019); (3) the Larimer County division for the Conversation Project (2015-2019); (4) 4H (1997-present) as a volunteer leader and educator; (5) Larimer Energy Action Project (LEAP) executive board member

Organization and Advocacy Experience

(1) As a member of the Conversation Project and the Advanced Care Planning Commission, my role was to advocate for patients' rights and to educate patients of their rights. (2) As a member of the Larimer Energy Action Project, I was an advocate for property rights and educated homeowners regarding mineral rights issues. (3) As a Fort Collins City Councilmember, I advocated for the interests of my constituents on many issues (recreation, land use, water issues). (4) As a 4H leader, I advocate for water conservation and agriculture and girls' STEM education. (5) I am a long-time advocate for charter schools at the legislature and throughout Colorado.


As a strong backer of Amendments Y and Z, I really want to see these new commissions succeed! It would be an honor to help facilitate the development and passage of good and fair State Senate and House maps for Colorado that promote strong, effective representation. I am committed to being fair-minded, treating fellow commissioners with respect, building consensus, and producing excellent legislative maps for Colorado. One of the reasons I enjoyed serving on the Fort Collins City Council is that it is nonpartisan, and councilmembers were unfettered by partisan loyalties. I am hopeful that the Legislative Redistricting Commission can act similarly.

Statement on Working with Consensus

While ostensibly nonpartisan, the Fort Collins City Council was evenly divided along ideological lines during my tenure, requiring a good deal of collaboration and consensus-building. This required patience and respect for process. While most people would likely be frustrated by the art of legislating, I enjoy finding common ground with others and working to build compromise and consensus.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I chose to become a trauma care nurse and to run for and serve on the Fort Collins City Council because I enjoy identifying problems, working with others, and developing solutions. While very different challenges, both nursing and municipal government force me to figure out how to move from point A to point B effectively and efficiently. Trauma care nursing often requires collaboration and work with many other medical professionals to quickly ascertain what is wrong and then put in place a plan for recovery. Likewise, on city council, I worked across the aisle to develop solutions to challenging problems, such as water management and growth.


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