Application for Legislative Commission for Michelle C Villalobos

Contact Information

Full Name

Michelle C Villalobos

Eligible for commission


Party Affiliation



Technical Support Engineer at Duda

Educational Background

Bachelors Business Administration, Marketing

Zip Code


Congressional District


Past Political Activity

Bernie Sanders' campaign for president

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Colorado Burnal Equinox Steering Group

Organization and Advocacy Experience

Have lead various teams of the Colorado Burnal Equinox Steering Group for 4 years; from finance to placement on the day of the event.


I believe it is our civic responsability to be involved as much as we can in making sure that the election process is fair to all citizens.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I can promote consensus and contribute to creating agreement by making sure that I listen and understand others, while also helping others to listen as well. We all should have the same goal and this means we are on the same team. If we respect each other, we can all be fair and impartial. But even if someone else is not being their "best self" I have no problem sticking to my own moral code of fairness.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I am a web developer and also work in technical support. My daily worklife is spent analyzing people's websites for things they may have broken/done and finding the most logical possible solution to the problem. Code has many ways it can be written and it is our job to find the most reasonable option.


The applicant has Hispanic/Latino/Spanish origin

Applicant identifies with the following gender