Application for Legislative Commission for Nicholas Salazar

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Nicholas Salazar

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Nick Salazar

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High School History Teacher Boulder Valley School District

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B.A.-History-University of New Mexico (2012) M.A.-Educational Policy, Practice, Foundations-University of Colorado-Boulder (2015) M.A.-American History-Adams State University (expected 2021)

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I worked as a canvasser for President Obama's re-election campaign in 2012


Having the chance to work with fellow Coloradoans to realign the congressional and legislative districts is a once in lifetime opportunity. To be a part of this process is an important civic duty that I would take with the upmost professionalism. Working with others is a strength of mine and I whole heartily believe that consensus can be found when people actively listen and are engaged in open and constructive dialogue. I believe that all citizens should be fairly represented when congressional and district lines are re-drawn so that the communities needs are appropriately met and serviced. I would bring to this position an open mind and a readiness to serve all citizens of Colorado.

Statement on Working with Consensus

As a teacher over the past nine years I have developed a strong ability to work with others to find common ground, from administrative conversations about charting the best path forward in school decision making to planning curriculum with colleagues. I have learned to be fair and impartial in my teaching position because all students deserve an equal opportunity to achieve their own desired success. This ability has lead me to become a strong advocate for my students and the school community because at the end of the day it is not about me, it’s about them. That same mentality I believe will serve me well on this commission, knowing that the work we do is for the betterment of the citizens of Colorado. There is no question that working with others from different political affiliations from my own will be interesting but nonetheless rewarding.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

Problem solving is another strength of mine that I have learned as a result of being an educator. On an almost daily basis I have to readapt my lesson plans, work with unexpected student behavioral problems, or work to collaborate with colleagues on issues and ideas that are challenging to implement in a lesson format. I believe a key indicator of problem solving is the ability to have an open mind while always remaining positive and patient. A person cannot be jaded or pessimistic when confronted with scenarios that are difficult to overcome. Being creative and knowing how and when to adapt to differing situations and environments is also a skill that I believe is central to my success as an educator. Having the ability to carefully analyze and gather all necessary information is important to achieving success and a desired outcome.


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