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Michael Liang Lewis

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Michael Lewis

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My current occupation is CEO of Rocky Mountain Manufacturing. I lead a small team of employees as we try to bring a new prosthetic component of our own creation to market.

Educational Background

I obtained a Master's of Business Administration with a concentration in business analytics from the University of Denver. I also have a Bachelor's of political science and Bachelor's of anthropology from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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Past Political Activity

In 2020, I donated money to the Biden-Harris campaign.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

I belong to the American Amateur Radio League (ARRL), where I coordinate with other members for disaster relief communication services. I am also on the leadership team for the 3,000 member social group "Denver Fun 20s and 30s" on Meetup and until earlier this month, the sole leader of the 1,000 member "Broomfield Ultimate Frisbee Pickup" Meetup group.

Organization and Advocacy Experience

As far as grass-roots efforts are concerned, I have participated in the Women's March and the March for Our Lives, as well as organizing with Tay Anderson of Denver Public Schools in the march to rename Stapleton. I have worked with local businesses towards rebranding efforts after Stapleton was renamed to Central Park. I have also co-led local volunteer events with the aforementioned "Denver Fun 20s and 30s" social group, such as helping Habitat for Humanity and Project C.U.R.E.


Being of mixed heritage, I spent many of my formative years pretending half of me didn't exist. Being different or "weird" was a burden that I sought to avoid. However, as I've grown and matured, I've realized that there is strength in being unique and hearing from all voices makes the republic stronger. I want to serve on the redistricting commission because I firmly believe that districts should be drawn in a way to ensure that all communities are represented politically, regardless of political leaning or slant. Democracy is founded upon we, the people, and I want to ensure that the people are heard.

Statement on Working with Consensus

With my analytical background, I plan to use data and logic to promote consensus and agreement among the commissioners. Even for those who are less number-inclined, I can visualize the information to make it more digestible, helping those that disagree to understand where I, or my peers, are coming from. In fact, so much of my work history involves working with clients where budget, time, and features must all be balanced in order to produce a successful outcome. Freelance work relies on creating agreement with your customers. Disagreement is natural, but there cannot be a satisfactory conclusion until opposing viewpoints are at least understood. Regarding impartiality, most amateur sports games don't grow unless the same participants come back time and time again, bringing with them friends or family members. With no referees, it becomes incumbent on the players to speak up when they see fouls or rule-breaking, and any league with a penchant for rules transgressions will quickly die out. I take pride in the fact that I have grown my ultimate frisbee and volleyball games to a combined 4,000 players. While they're not official leagues, when I host events, players know that they'll have a fun, respectable, sportsmanlike game waiting for them. Applying that to the political sphere, my degree in political science gives me the knowledge to remove myself from the equation and look at the facts as they stand.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

With my MBA concentration in business analytics, logic and reason are the first tools in my belt when tackling a problem. Raw data doesn't have any political sway and presenting that impartiality is often the first step to getting to the bottom of a problem. Furthermore, as the creator or leader of several startups that have been both successful and unsuccessful, looking to the past to understand failure is tantamount to performing correctly going forward. Should I be selected for the redistricting commission, I would undertake this task with the greatest of solemnity, as we can only achieve the highest levels of performance with complete objectivity.


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