Application for Legislative Commission for Eamon Leonard

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Eamon Leonard

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Associate Broker - MODUS Real Estate; Business Development - 360 Credit Consulting

Educational Background

MPA - UC Denver School of Public Affairs - 18 credits completed BA-History - UC Boulder Professional Teaching License (Colorado) - Secondary Social Studies Colorado Real Estate License#100084908

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Past Political Activity

Voter, no political donations monetary or otherwise.

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I've been looking for an avenue to get involved for some time. This is a good opportunity to do so.

Statement on Working with Consensus

Everyone has two ears and one mouth, that math is easy. Listen attentively to both/all sides, speak frankly and ask questions to eliminate ambiguity, rinse and repeat. Adhering to this simple formula (as many times as necessary) will distill down to agreement. Re: fairness and impartiality, I'm a native Coloradan and have lived and worked all over the metro area, with innumerable family and friends of all political stripes scattered across the state. I want them all (and myself) to be justly and fairly represented in their respective locales.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

Identify issue, conduct discovery, establish facts, generate solutions/trade-offs, weigh against each other in all relevant contexts, decide. Don't forget the human element.


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