Application for Legislative Commission for Christopher J Wiant

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Christopher J Wiant

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Founding President and CEO, Caring for Colorado Foundation) 2000-2020 (retired) Executive Director Tri-County Health Department in Colorado (1997-2000--Director of Environmental Health/Deputy Executive Director 1984-1997)

Educational Background

B.S. Chemistry, M.A. Health Services Administration, M.P.H. Public Health (Occupational and Environmental Medicine), PhD-Public Administration (Environmental Policy)

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Donated to Andrew Romanoff-2 campaigns

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Denver Department of Public Health and Environment Board, Colorado Water Quality Control Commission, National Environmental Health Association, Grantmakers in Health, Water Quality and Health Council (American Chemistry Council)

Organization and Advocacy Experience

Serving 5 terms on the Water Quality Control Commission I often led the resolution of policy issues by considering the interests of business, citizens and communities and facilitating finding common ground among commissioners. I have a similar responsibility presently on the Denver Dept. of Public Health and Environment. I represented the northern metro communities in negotiations for the cleanup of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal in the 1990's. That also involved balancing the interests of responsible parties, citizens, communities within the context of science and principles of public health protection. I served on three federal advisory committees charged with recommending revisions to federal environmental regulations (drinking water). I was often the neutral voice that could bring disparate parties to a common and agreeable resolution of the problem. Finally, I assisted the federal Agency For Toxic Substances and Disease Registry in 2 locations (Memphis, Tennessee and Cape Cod, Mass.) by mediating discussions toward resolution of disputes between the community and federal agencies relative to environmental contamination. Those are only a few examples from nearly 50 years of work in public health.


I am particularly bothered by the politicization leading to gerrymandering of efforts like redistricting. I would hope to bring the values of fairness and equity to the process to help restore the confidence of the voting public that their vote makes a difference and that there isn't a built in bias by virtue of how legislative districts are drawn.

Statement on Working with Consensus

As stated above I have been in multiple circumstances in which fairness and impartiality were paramount. Fairness is a core value for me. I have acted as facilitator/mediator of group discussion and problem solving for many years under many different circumstances. I have often been recognized for my ability to promote consensus and facilitate agreement under challenging circumstances.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

As the Founding CEO of the Foundation I could not have built the organization in a way that led to the respect and status it currently enjoys without analysis, problem solving and the application of logic and reasoning. That involved hiring the right staff, gathering and interpreting input from key informants, citizens, communities and elected officials in order to establish our strategic priorities and interpreting the relevant science and policy to create achievable goals and objectives. Throughout my career I had the good fortune to participate in the creation of new programs and services and in responding to emerging challenges that required considerable analysis and assessment of alternatives in order to effectively respond. In general, resolving public health issues and challenges is a study in gathering information, assessing alternatives and then managing risk in a manner that is protective but also respects the unique circumstances of all parties involved.


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