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Adrianne M Parks

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Autotransfusion, HemaSource

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While I wish I had just double majored, my degree is a conglomeration of Biology and Fine arts, intended to leave me capable of Medical Illustration (it is a BA in Scientific Visualization. I designed the degree myself at Metro in the Individualized Degree Program).

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-I sporadically donate small amounts to particularly important races around the country. This year I donated to Hickenlooper, Amy McGrath, Buttigieg, and probably a couple of other campaigns. I donate to the ACLU and Doctors Without Borders, etc, too. Being a Singe Mom with 3 kids and a full time job (and a small time side job), volunteering my time is really not feasible right now, unfortunately. I plan to do this in the future when “spare time” doesn’t make me laugh until I cry (I told my boss about this opportunity and she gladly wrote me a letter of recommendation. My job is flexible with scheduling in advance and the bulk of this committee work will be during the slow season. I would much rather give

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

-I wanted to join the Denver Women’s Leadership Summit, but couldn’t afford the dues. Being financially challenged has many hurdles. I would also love to volunteer to help at the DDFL or for a call banking effort for this past election, but if I have time and energy for anything at all beyond full time work and my 3 children’s needs, I really need to be making my side gig more lucrative.

Organization and Advocacy Experience

-I have marched with BLM and my kids and I all attended the children’s March in Denver a few years ago. My daughter and I made it to two of the Women’s Marches in Denver in the last three years as well. A proud mother moment this last summer was when my kids (who wanted to march with BLM downtown, but I was too nervous about the police and counterprotestors) decided to make their own BLM signs and have their own rally at Ponderosa Elementary!


I have wanted to get involved with politics for awhile. It was a moment a few years ago when a certain President was elected and I kept thinking “someone needs to do something!” and then I heard another woman was running for office because she had the same thought! I am someone too. - I follow politics like other people follow football. I actually took my kids to the rally for Ammendment Z at DU in 2018! My middle child got to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger (I have the photo to prove it!)! -Gerrymandering has always concerned me because it is overtly nefarious to let representative’s administrations choose their districts. - Communities have been split up to degrade their political voice for the entire history of our country (in one way or another) and it has to stop.

Statement on Working with Consensus

-I don’t have any history with map making, but I do have tons of experience with people of all backgrounds. I spent many of my formative years in small-town Texas in the only Jewish family in the county, and one of the few liberal leaning families. I got very good at putting my opinions and feelings on certain matters in a discreet and nonconfrontational way. Don’t get me wrong, I do rant at home from time to time about our national image and its degradation in the last few years (etc), but am very logical and tactful when discussing these matters in public. I even got a right-leaning friend of mine to see my POV when it came to the incidents of vandalism post-BLM rallies this summer. I asked him if the peaceful protests have greatly changed our society in a meaningful way over the last few decades, or have they been being ignored? BTW, I don’t approve of rioting either, but definitely can understand how, after generations of subjugation and being treated as second class citizens, some people would feel rage about society not listening to them when they say they’re being murdered. -My kids and I play a game while driving: When we see someone who is clearly driving aggressively, we consider what could have happened to make them so upset. One time my youngest kid even calmed me down when I was getting angry about an aggressive driver by asking me the same question (it was adorable coming from a little toddler! Im very proud of my kids, if you can’t tell).

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

- My job is very logical and analytical in nature. I am a preoperative tech who processes and gives the patient’s own shed blood back to them. The job is called Autotransfusion. I have to alert to the details (what is the surgeon using, how much, what are they discussing, how much blood and other fluids do I have in my reservoir, how much more/less anticoagulant should I be applying, etc). I record details such as other blood products the anesthesiologist used, processing time, how much blood did it take to fill the bowl, etc). I have to pay attention to a lot of different factors all the time. There are a lot of moving parts in a surgery and I have to notice each of them, know how they affect another one, and adjust my course of action appropriately. - I helped revamp our Quality Control testing with my boss. I pointed out to her that the parameters for a QC check were very rigid and that we could get a lot more data by ascribing some flexibility in one key area that shouldn’t have any effect on the purity of the final product (gleaned this from my studies for the certification exam). - I have a college degree. I took statistics and Political Science courses. - Please pardon the haphazard and informal responses. I have been sick this week (my kids too) but I would regret not trying to do this!


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