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Adam Durski

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Laboratory Technologist, VRL-Eurofins, Centennial, CO (2014-present) Freelance Technical Writer, Various Engagements (2016-present) Technical Writer, KBC Global, Aurora, CO (2014-2016) Laboratory Supervisor, LABS, Inc., Centennial, CO (2007-2012)

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Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1999

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I once donated $3 to Ilhan Omar. I don't recall any other donations.

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I just try to be of help in my neighborhood when people need it.


The intent of creating these commissions, as I understand it, was to reduce the undue partisan influence of whichever party happens to be in the legislative majority or executive leadership at the time of redistricting. I have not affiliated with any political party at any time while I've lived in Colorado (since 2003) and want to do my part to bring a voice to the table that is interested in fairness and honest representation of the voters of this state. Partisan gerrymandering has done nothing but diminish the choices that voters have when selecting our representatives, and thus the say voters have on policy decisions at all levels of government. I'm interested in seeing district boundaries that make sense for the people of the district rather than advance cynical goals of the leadership of any particular political party or organization.

Statement on Working with Consensus

All opinions can and should be heard when debating, but all discussion must also eventually lead toward meeting the goal of the commission. Reminders of this fact, both gentle and stark when necessary, can resolve or at least quiet an argument based on emotion or prior assumptions. Agree on basic facts and build upward from there. Now you might have to start very basically depending on the argument, but constructive conversation with reminders of common goals will always lead to better results than shouting down or insulting. It's disappointing how many adults of advanced education, accomplishment and age seem to have abandoned this basic principle. When in a leadership role I've had to make decisions that affect others on an emotional level, hopefully unintentionally. Whether it's delegating responsibility or determining appropriate scheduling, I've always foremost considered the needs of my department or company when making decisions. Explaining logical reasons for passing someone over or making impartial decisions that a person thinks should be less impartial can ring hollow in the moment, but one must hope that the message eventually finds purchase upon further reflection.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

As a trained scientist, logic and reason are the tools I use every day. Specifically, I perform complex testing assessing markers of infectious disease in patients of varying populations. When those tests fail we dig down to root causes that can vary from human error to a compromised chemical component of the test and sometimes even environmental factors beyond anyone's control. A structured, rigorous approach is the only way to consistently make inroads into solving problems of this nature. A political commission will have dramatically different problems to solve, but the general philosophy of directing resources based on evidence and logical conclusions would be just as fruitful in that arena.


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