Application for Legislative Commission for Hillel Katzir

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Hillel Katzir

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Current occupation: Rabbi. Current part-time employers: Congregation B'nai Butte, Crested Butte, CO; adjunct faculty, Colorado State University. Also practiced law for 15 years in California and New Mexico.

Educational Background

BA degree from UCLA (1979); JD degree from University of LaVerne (1986); Rabbinic Ordination from Rabbinical Seminary International, 2004.

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Past Political Activity

Donated to Democratic candidates for US Senate in Texas, Kentucky and elsewhere. Worked in a US Senate campaign in California in 1970.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

As producer of a local radio program, I have interviewed some officer holders (Rep. Neguse, St.Sen. Joann Ginal, St.Rep. Jeni Arndt, Fort Collins Mayor Pro Tem Kristen Stephens); moderated public debate of candidates for mayor of Fort Collins; Board Member of World Wisdoms Project, Fort Collins; Member, Jewish Action Network of Northern Colorado; Member, Together Colorado; Member, Southern Poverty Law Center; Member, ACLU of Colorado; former member, Fort Collins Area Interfaith Council.

Organization and Advocacy Experience

As an active member of Together Colorado, World Wisdoms Project, Interfaith Council and Jewish Action Network, I have worked with representatives of many faith communities from many parts of Colorado to advocate for ballot measures and community projects to help build better communities in the State. As producer of a public affairs radio program in Fort Collins I have brought to the public's attention issues and NGOs that are working for better community for everyone, and also provided public access to public officials through interviews.


As a student and teacher of American History and the Constitution, I believe fair representation of all members of a community is an important tool to achieving the goals of the American political experiment. I want tp serve on the commission to help achieve that fair representation for all Coloradans, regardless of party affiliation, race, religion or national origin.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I have worked for many years to bring people together across perceived dividing lines, especially in interfaith work, but also racial, ethnic and cultural lines. In 2019 I trained with the organization Better Angels to be a moderator of workshops designed to foster healthy and respectful discussion between people on different sides of the political divide. In the last four years I have been teaching refresher courses on the U.S. Constitution to all who have been interested, regardless of political persuasion, to remind everyone that we are all part of the American system, even when we disagree on issues.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

Law school graduate, practiced law for 15 years in California and New Mexico; familiar with critical thinking skills practiced in the Jewish tradition in study of Torah and Talmud; teacher of law, Constitution and other topics requiring critical thinking.


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