Application for Legislative Commission for Thomas Mehling

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Thomas Mehling

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Sr. Compute Engineer for Genesys Telecommunications.

Educational Background

B.A. Psychology from University of Colorado B.S. Kinesiology from University of Colorado

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Past Political Activity

I am an active donor for several Democratic campaigns. I have contributed to several past campaigns for Elizabeth Warren, Matt Gray, and Joe Neguse. I currently contribute to Joe Neguse.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

I am a member the Broomfield County Democrats and have served various roles in that organization.

Organization and Advocacy Experience

Over the years, I have been active with the Broomfield County Democrats. At one point, I was Chairman. I have also served on the Broomfield Canvassing Board, and certified Broomfield's 2012 General Elections results. During my time as an active Democrat, I was involved in the last time redistricting occurred. I spoke at the State House and at a meeting in Broomfield. I reviewed proposed maps, and gave my suggestions to improve the maps.


Elected representatives should represent the community that they serve. There are instances, even in Colorado, that an official does not accurately reflect the makeup of the community they represent. The goal of redistricting should be to create districts that achieve accurate representation for that district.

Statement on Working with Consensus

A good IT person understands that there are several ways to solve even the most basic of problems. With that comes enough humility to understand that my way may not be the best way to solve a problem or reach a goal. When making a final decision, I try to understand the "why" behind various viewpoints.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

As an IT professional for 20 years, I rely on my ability to quickly identify technical issues and generate solutions on an almost daily basis. Many of the problems center on the logical flow of data or a program. From my past experience working with redistricting, I realize that due to population criteria, creating boundaries can be a puzzle, and moving one boundary can impact other boundaries. Understanding that a simple change can cause a cascading effect requires understanding the data and what issues will arise.


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