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Jon Roberts

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Real Estate - Self Employed

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Bachelor Degree - Architecture Masters Degree - Real Estate & Construction Management

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In 2014, I stepped up to run for the Colorado State Legislature. I never had intention to ever do such a thing, but after completing a local Leadership Program in 2013 and learning that my district did not have a candidate for that seat that election year, my U.S. Army Officer Training instincts kicked in which is to step up and into the void when no leadership is present. It was a great experience. Learned a ton about State Legislative Districts, the political process in general and met some really great people on both sides of the aisle. I'm still friends with my opponent, now new Speaker of the House of Representatives, Alec Garnett.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Colorado Youth at Risk/Denver Urban Scholars (Teen mentoring programs that merged, I served on the Board of Directors of Colorado Youth at Risk during the merger), Commissioner on the Centennial Planning & Zoning Commission, Member of the Colorado Association of Realtors Legislative Policy Committee - 2021 Chair, South Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce - Legislative Action Committee, Graduate from the Leadership Program of the Rockies

Organization and Advocacy Experience

Since my graduation from the Leadership Program of the Rockies, I have stepped up to serve on several local community boards and commissions. The Leadership Program was designed to motivate leaders to engage in the community and process. Since graduating from the program, I have been appointed to the City of Centennial's Planning & Zoning Commission. That's a great fit for my background experience and education in Real Estate, Architecture & Construction. I also was appointed to the Arapahoe County Citizen Budget Committee and I currently serve on the Legislative Policy Committee for the Colorado Association of Realtors. I served as Chair of the Housing Sub-Committee and after serving as Vice Chair last year, I will be Chair of the Committee for the 2021 Legislative Year.


While running for State Legislature in 2014, I learned about Legislative Districts and some of the political imbalance due to them. Some districts like the district I ran in are not competitive. The district I ran in (District 2) is perhaps the most imbalanced district in the entire state. This is actually very understandable, that district is located in the Urban Core and constituents there are a vast majority more liberal in their political ideology and should be represented as such. Rural and suburban districts tend to be just the opposite and they are represented appropriately too. There are other districts that could and should be more balanced. I believe a more competitive and more equally balanced districts have the potential to create more accurate and balanced representation.

Statement on Working with Consensus

In my opinion, it all comes down to this. I'd like to start by sharing that I was a Registered Republican my entire life. After the 2016 Election, I felt as though my personal politics and personal political ideology was no longer represented by that party. With that I decided to unaffiliate from political parties. Looking back on that action 4 years ago, I feel as though it was the best thing I could have ever done in our now political divisive world. Being Unaffiliated has provided me with a more credible and substantiated basis to hold civil political conversations with those I political align with but also with those that I don't. In addition, I'd like to reference some work I did with the local Youth Mentoring program established to help prevent young people from dropping out of High School. I participated in their 1 year long training program to train both mentors and mentees for their mentoring experience. For 6+ years, I taught classes on communication, listening and becoming aware of and acknowledging ALL perspectives that we as humans have. Each one of us has a different perspective. And learning that enabled me to be open and understanding to perspectives of those that I did not agree with and still be able to progress and move forward for the better purpose (in this case, helping young people in Urban Denver neighborhoods to graduate High School).

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

My professional work and educational background is based on analytics. I research and prepare Market Data for decision making processes on a daily basis for my real estate clients, investors and home builders. I compile data into MS Excel spreadsheets and evaluate that data for real estate purchase and sales decisions. Couple with what amounted to a Real Estate Finance degree, I have the skills and ability to read and parse data. As well as teach and share that information with others, as I foresee the commission as a collaboration.


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