Application for Legislative Commission for Douglas Rodger Pryce

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Douglas Rodger Pryce

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Retired. Past 10 years: self-employed attorney; Director, United Power (Brighton); President, United Power; Director, Tri-State Generation & Transmission; adult ed instructor.

Educational Background

BS Math, Tufts University, Medford, MA JD, University of Santa Clara, CA Member of Colorado Bar; past member of California Bar Courses of study in mediation

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Past Political Activity

I volunteered for phone-calling and canvassing in the 2016 election, served as a poll watcher for Democrats. I've made donations in the past and possibly a donation in the 2016 Presidential Election (no more than $100).

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Active in Barclay Towers HOA. Member, First Unitarian Society of Denver Active (until 2017) in Coal Creek Canyon Improvement Association. Active (until 2017) in Coal Creek Canyon Park and Rec District. Director (until 2017) elected to the United Power Board of Directors. United Power is an electric distribution cooperative.

Organization and Advocacy Experience

On the United Power Board of Directors, I represented and advocated for approximately 200,000 electric consumer-owners. It was essential that I recognize and consider both the majority and minority opinions of the members on a myriad of issues. I also organized (with others) the Coal Creek Canyon Park and Rec District, saw it through its legal creation, and sat on the newly formed board as its Chair. In both the Park and Rec District and the Coal Creek Canyon Improvement Association I've organized and run many social and civic events. On numerous occasions I've organized and facilitated strategic planning sessions for non-profit and not-for-profit groups. During the implementation of the Affordable Care Act in Colorado, I was a spokesperson at business associations, homeowners organizations and other affinity groups. As an attorney, I advocated for hundreds of clients.


This Commission is implementing a new tool designed to objectively determine election districts in Colorado. The Commission will certainly come under scrutiny from many factions in our society, including the media, so we must pursue not only objectivity but also the appearance of objectivity. We must be sure that we place every detail of our process under a microscope, because others will certainly do the same. If we are successful, I believe our Commission will serve as a model for other states across the country. This is a rare opportunity to advance a greatly improved design in redistricting and advance democracy in the U.S. I want this Commission to be a successful model, and I believe my understanding of mathematics/statistics/probability and my skills in facilitating, in advocating and in leadership can contribute significantly to its success.

Statement on Working with Consensus

Too often we are "positional" in our arguments, convinced that we are right and the other party just needs to see the light. We focus on espousing the righteousness of our position, not listening to the reasonable arguments of other perspectives. I'm willing to ask the questions necessary to draw out the reasoning of others. I'm capable of arguing both sides of an issue and reserving my judgment until all arguments have been made. And I have the verbal and synthesizing skills to articulate a resolution that is acceptable to all around the table. As for fairness and impartiality, I am not doing this to advance myself or my political team. The redistricting commission is a grand and well-designed experiment in democracy. I believe my skills will advance that experiment. I will also be diligent in recognizing signs if and when we waver from impartiality.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I was a math major. The fields of mathematics are all based on analysis and logic. A mathematics "proof" is merely applying logic to numbers. As an attorney, I made my living articulating my client's position in a logical and reasonable manner. If the judge or jury cannot follow a logical path, my client does not win. I was a professional board member for 27 years. Logic and reason are essential skills to convincing others of your position. After four years on my first professional board, I was elected to the position of President/Chair of that board. I'd like to think that others believed me to be a clear-headed, logical person who would represent our company in a manner befitting our substantial size and regional presence.


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