Application for Legislative Commission for Matthew Kuchar

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Matthew Kuchar

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Recent Grad/unemployed

Educational Background

I received my B.A. in Philosophy and Psychology from Boston College and this spring received a M.S. in Business Analytics from CU Boulder which focused on computational statistical analysis in R and cybersecurity. I am Security + certified and am pursuing further certifications in Networking and Cybersecurity.

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Past Political Activity

Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Our Revolution, Andrew Yang, Anthony Flaccavento, Ben Jealous, Stacey Abrams, Jared Polis, Keith Elison, Paul Walker, Pramila Jayapal, Edward Nelson, Steve Kling, Cynthia Nixon, Alexadria Ocasio Cortez, Jess King, Emily Siota, Mark Bignell, Democratic Socialists of America.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Habitat for Humanity, Mile High Youth Corps.

Organization and Advocacy Experience

I haven't engaged often in the political process of organization or advocacy in the past as I have been more focused on direct work with organizations like Jefferson County Parks and USPS in my 20s.


I firmly believe in the pluralism that democratic institutions aspire towards and attempt to safeguard. When political parties can choose their voters and create a favorable electoral landscape then undemocratic forms of power can consolidate away from the people themselves. I see the success of democracy not just in simply receiving the consent of the people but also in its ability to distribute power broadly and evenly.

Statement on Working with Consensus

Consensus occurs either when both parties see mutual self benefit in a proposed solution or when shared principals and values guide the interpretation of the data. I always try to meet the context that the other person/party is bringing to the table and negotiate between the reality of the data and our respective interpretations. My principled dedication to justice and fairness has engendered an overarching skepticism towards all interpretations, including my own, as I believe the answer is usually found in between interpretations and with the data itself.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

My educational background with Philosophy and Data Analytics allows me to apply statistical reasoning to problem solving while also keeping a logical approach to the bigger picture.


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