Application for Legislative Commission for Richard E. Chamberlain

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Richard E. Chamberlain

Other Names
Richard E. Chamberlain, Jr. Rich Chamberlain

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Retired from Colorado State University in 2013 after working in marketing communications for the Office of Admissions for five years. In addition to community involvement, I stay busy as a working artist, writer and occasional actor.

Educational Background

MA Mass Communications, University of Denver Education teaching certificate, Doane College, Crete NE BA English & Art, Washburn University, Topeka KS

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Past Political Activity

I don’t engage in or support partisan political activity or any candidate. However, I do attend numerous town halls, observe the political circus and vote. I have on occasion appealed to local, state and national elected office-holders in support of various causes, and am involved in my local community promoting the arts, inclusivity and fair, affordable housing. Not surprisingly in this work, I often find common cause with people of progressive persuasion.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Westminster Baha'i Unit Convention Planning Committee City of Westminster Inclusivity Board City of Westminster Affordable Housing Task Force City of Westminster Sustainability Advisory Group Westminster Start by Believing Committee for sexual assault awareness United for a New Economy Advisory Board, Westminster Public Schools Creative Arts Pipeline Member and former board member, North Metro Arts Alliance Art Vision Collective

Organization and Advocacy Experience

I’ve advocated for the arts, fair housing and inclusion in my city, and was a founding member of United for a New Economy (UNE) advocating for renters' rights. I've also worked successfully with several Front Range Baha'i communities and Representative Perlmutter's office to urge the Congressman to cosponsor resolutions condemning the Iranian regime's persecution of its Baha'i religious minority. Experience has taught me that, while confrontation might feel gratifying, collaboration in the interest of human rights brings more tangible results. I am also working with others to create Alliance for Racial Healing along the Front Range.


I can bring nonpartisan objectivity to the table, along with a deep commitment to inclusion and fairness during a time of profound partisan division. I’d feel honored to be entrusted with a sacred obligation to ensure fair voting districts for the people of Colorado.

Statement on Working with Consensus

Having lived and worked in five distinct regions of the state (Northern and Southern Front Range, Eastern Plains, Western Slope, and the San Luis Valley), I’m receptive to the concerns of a broad range of eligible voters. In addition, I practice a form of consultation that aims at consensus through an evidence-based process embracing listening, courtesy, frankness, and detachment. It seeks to avoid hardened positions, parliamentary manipulation, and predetermined outcomes. It take some diplomacy to practice this skill in a group that's unfamiliar with it, but it can be a very productive approach to develop shared vision and unified action. Adversarial intransigence is unhelpful regardless of the source, and must be recognized as such and negotiated with perseverance, mutual respect and moderate language, even as we navigate the complexities of power and representation.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

I try to see various sides of an issue, weigh alternatives, recognize logical next steps and potential missteps, and then articulate a clear direction. I tend to think strategically, which I've found to be a valuable trait when group dynamics lead us into the weeds. With any system, it’s useful to evaluate outcomes and weigh them against intentions, then to examine inputs and processes that produced them.


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