Application for Congressional Commission for Steven B Ray

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Steven B Ray

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Lawyer - self-employed - Steve Ray Law, PLLC; Fort Collins, Colorado

Educational Background

Colorado State University - BA - History - 1971 University of Tulsa - JD - Dec 1973

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Professional Background

I've been an advocate/ trial attorney for individuals since 1975 starting as a Marine Corps judge advocate. I later became a Marine Corps court-martial judge. I have served in the role of a litigation and courtroom advocate for individuals for 45 years. I have no experience organizing, representing, advocating for, or considering the interests of groups, organizations or associations of Colorado.

Past Political Activity

2020 General Election: contributions to Diane Mitsch Bush, Hickenlooper, Biden, Crowe. 2016 General Election: I don't recall, possibly Clinton campaign.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Hearts and Horses Board of Directors (equine rehabilitation primarily for disabled children).


It's an important job. The effects last a long time, affecting a lot of people. I have the personality and experience to help produce an end product that is abjectly fair. Despite my age advantage, I have no illnesses and take no pills. I have the energy this assignment requires.

Statement on Working with Consensus

My career has been in the field of Justice - which is a very close relative of Fairness. I'm a quiet and objective listener. In my advocacy experience I've found there is value in listening to my opponents' perspective. I have found it common that to some degree and to some extent they had something that was right. I have a calm personality - not one to get overly excited in tense situations which I imagine the work of this commission can generate. I am a good public speaker and have good advocacy skills to present the points that are critical to a decision on redistricting. My tenure as a court-martial judge was 10-years. That, together with having handled cases for the defense as well as for plaintiffs in lawsuits has given me a good balance.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

Each of the hundreds or more cases I've handled as a lawyer has required investigation, gathering of information, consultation with experts , witnesses, and my client towards finding the truth that can then be advocated. For each case it has been, and continues to be, ongoing analysis and application of reason.


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