Application for Congressional Commission for Arnold Salazar

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Arnold Salazar

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Semi-retired doing consulting work in heath care, specifically behavioral health.

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BA Adams State University, MSW University of Michigan

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Professional Background

The best experience I have sitting on the Colorado Wildlife Commission. The commission is a combination of Democrats and Republicans who work together to manage the wildlife resources of the state of Colorado. Through this process I learn to work through issues with people of opposing opinions to find a middle ground that was beneficial to the wildlife resources of the state. I also sat on the board of trustees for Adams State University for eight years and was the chairman of the board for three consecutive years. This board is also made up of members who are from opposing political parties who also must work together to serve the best interest of the University. These two experiences have given me a tremendous insight into working with people of different backgrounds, different political parties and different philosophies. But through this I also learned the true, honest and constructive dialogue and keeping in mind the best interest of the resource/organization can bring constructive public policy that could advance the best interests of the state of Colorado as a whole.

Past Political Activity

Donald Valdez, Dave Young, John Hickenlooper, Hillary Clinton, Matt Martinez, Gena Griswold, Trudy Kretsinger, Chris Lopez, Teresa Ledger Fernandez, Joe Biden, Ben Ray Lujan, Diane Mich Bush, James Iacino, Robert Jackson, Phil Weiser,

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Trust for Public Land, Adams State University Board of Trustees,


I voted for this referendum when it was presented because I believe that there’s a better way to do redistricting than the highly charged political process that has been evident in past redistricting processes. I sat on the reapportionment commission in 1990 and experienced how difficult it was to reach consensus in a process that was designed to encourage political clashes between the two major parties. I thought then and I believe now that there must be a better way to do this and I am encouraged that this process will produce a much better product than what we have seen in the past. I thought then and I believe now that there must be a better way to do this and I am encouraged that this process will produce a much better product than what we have seen in the past. Whether I am selected or not I believe that this process may be the salvation of our democracy, which I think is in serious danger we don’t figure out how to work together.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I have work in the business of healthcare my entire life, in particular in the business of behavioral health. My training as an MSW gives me the skills to understand people and to always work towards consensus. Through my job I have managed partnerships of healthcare providers where it is imperative that everyone work together. My job as CEO in these organizations was to make sure that the partners all felt like they were being represented and that the partnership was being fair to everyone. My success as a CEO depended on my ability to develop consensus and have the partners feel like they had equal voice and were able to participate in a fair and equitable process. I believe that this real life experience will be useful in the process outlined here in.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

As a healthcare administrator I have spent my entire career analyzing healthcare policy and implementing programs that are generated from those policies. I am very adapted following regulations and meeting the requirements of state contracts as a contractor for healthcare services for the state. Addition my experience working with the University as well as my work with the wildlife commission have taught me how to take information from subject matter expert‘s and formulate that information into public policy that adhere to the spirit and letter of the law and regulation. In addition I specifically understand the work of redistricting from my experience on the Colorado Reapportionment Commission in 1990. Through this process I became very adept at understanding demographic information and was able to structure that information into decisions that implemented the intent of the reapportionment commission.


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