Application for Congressional Commission for Erin Kaplan

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Full Name

Erin Kaplan

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Adjunct Lecturer at CU Boulder and the Community College of Aurora

Educational Background

BA: English Literature, Political Science, and Drama, University of Michigan, 2005 MA: New York University, Education Theatre in Colleges and Communities, 2009 PhD: Theatre and Performance Studies, University of Colorado Boulder, 2020

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Professional Background

I have worked as an organizer on and off for environmental justice, the NAACP election protection unit, and immigrants rights organizations but have not done that work since moving to Colorado.

Past Political Activity

I’ve donated to and volunteered for Elizabeth Warren and later, Joe Biden

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Standing Up for Racial Justice, Denver PARtake: The Journal of Performance as Research The Association for Theatre in Higher Education American Society for Theatre Research


I think it is vitally important that we have wide representation of ideas and points of you to make the consequential decisions in terms of who gets represented and how. As a woman who identifies as queer and who considers herself to be an ally of people of color and the Latinx community and who speaks Spanish I believe that I can offer my specific point of you to help build a more inclusive and equally represented district.

Statement on Working with Consensus

As an educator and artist as well as a facilitator it is consequential to my work that I am able to listen to multiple points of view, synthesize ideas, and reach a consensus among groups of people. In my work as a producer and director I have been able to do this in real time with a variety of people from different backgrounds and different ages. After doing nearly 15 years of work in prisons as a feeder facilitator and educator I feel that I have a unique ability to work with different groups of people from different backgrounds and create consensus and community there in.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

After working for nearly 10 years to complete my PhD I feel I have the experience necessary to use logic, reason, and critical analysis to solve problems.


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