Application for Congressional Commission for Clifton P. Anson

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Clifton P. Anson

Other Names
Clifton anson, clifton peters anson

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I am a self-employed real estate developer specializing in developing smaller in-fill sites where essential services are already in place.

Educational Background

I have a B.S from the University of Colorado College of Business. I obtained a Colorado Real Estate Brokers license and a Realtor GRI designation. Recently I have been trained as a classroom facilitator through Rotary International. Basically that entails introducing new Rotarians to the "nuts and bolts" of Rotary and to the high ethics, morals and standards that we as Rotarians strive to maintain

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Professional Background

Locally, I have done a lot of work for those in need through my Rotary Club. I have not done any "political" organizing, although I do pay attention to what is going on locally, in Colorado and nationally.

Past Political Activity

As an adult I began as a JFK democrat. Which probably makes me more fiscally conservative than most republicans these days. I also appreciated JFK social programs like the Peace Corps. I have voted in every election that I was eligible for. I donated $400 to Ray Scott's campaign and $400 to John Justman's campaign

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Democrat Party, Republican Party, my local church, the Rotary Club of Grand Junction


I consider myself an honest man. I want to make sure, to the extent that I can, that the people of Colorado get an even shake. There will never be a perfect solution. There will be many alternatives offered for consideration. I want to find the one that works best for all the people of Colorado.

Statement on Working with Consensus

It is essential to be a good listener. You must first understand a person's position and the motivation behind it in order to offer a workable alternative. One must accept that everyone has a voice, and all voices must be heard before meaningful progress can be made. Personally I will bring an open mind, a sharp wit, problem solving skills and no pre-conceived notions of how things must be done.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

As a developer I must wend my way through the entitlement process, the construction process and the marketing process. Every day I wake up with a half dozen (or more) problems that need solving. It is important not to be stubborn or rigid in one's thinking. I have excellent problem solving skills and excellent communication skills. I am able to build a team of professionals that work together to reach the goal.


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