Application for Congressional Commission for Michael P Kearney

Contact Information

Full Name

Michael P Kearney

Other Names
Michael P Kearney

Party Affiliation



Retired from Oracle, EMC, NetApp

Educational Background

BS in Computer Science, Minor in Math. MS in Computer Science, Thesis in Artificial Intelligence

Zip Code



Professional Background

I was a team leader for 25 years working with the conflicting interests of users, management, team member of various backgrounds and skills, aligning the needs of the business to deliver high quality products within budget and schedule.

Past Political Activity

Obama, Biden, Warren

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Sierra Club, ACLU, HOA Board Member and President, Local Mensa Board Member, ACM Senior Member, IEEE Computer Society Member.


The right of voting can be subverted by gerrymandering and inappropriate borders of voting districts. It's critical that every vote be worth the same.

Statement on Working with Consensus

The final map must be a win-win for all the involved parties and have the full trust of Colorado's voters.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

As a computer scientist have have an extensive background into logic and reason. Every program I've written must implement an elegant solution to the problem and be provably correct using deduction and inductive reasoning.


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