Application for Congressional Commission for Joyce Kelly

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Joyce Kelly

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Joyce Wallace

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Colorado Pork Producers Council, Executive Director

Educational Background

MS Agriculture/Education

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Past Political Activity

As best as I recall, I have contributed to the following political campaigns: Perry Buck County Commissioner, Weld County Cory Gardner, Senate Mike Freeman, Weld County Commissioner

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Colorado Ag Leadership Program Class XI Colorado Assn of Conservation Districts Jefferson County 4-H City of Greeley Storm Water Commission Colorado Food Systems Advisory Council (Gov Hickenlooper appointment) Colorado Pork Producers Council Greeley Chamber of Commerce Ag Committee

Organization and Advocacy Experience

Grew membership participation in Jefferson County 4-H from 2,500 to 15,000+ Expanded disaster assistance programs and budgetary expenditures for community disaster relief with in West Greeley Conservation District to $5,000 per land owner and development of grant assistance program for members 500+ recipients of assistance) Expanded the first Farm help program for Colorado Corn Grower membership Conducted conflict resolution sessions and leader training in Jefferson County Extension Committee to organize Governor's Forum for Ag, Colorado Lower South Watershed committee watershed protection plan committee South Platte Ag Nutrient Stakeholder Committee


I think the single most important issue is balanced and fair representation of all residents, by our elected officials. Fair and reflective redistricting measures are of paramount importance for our states residents regardless of where they live. Each area is unique and has special needs that need to be carefully considered. I feel I can be impartial and fair, guaranteeing sound district boundary developments. I work for an organization which represents a diverse population of over 1000 pork producers. Understanding that different voices exist and deserve a balanced and fair representation.

Statement on Working with Consensus

When seeking to promote consensus I would help the group to identify all areas in which we agree, highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the alternatives available from the areas in which agreement does not exist; and then merge the thought process into a third alternative that combines those areas of agreements across the group. These processes would help move the group forward until an agreement can be reached. The entire success of being fair and impartial is to understand that often there is no one completely right answer for all involved and that to get to the finish line is a game of give and take. My ability to be fair and impartial is based upon objectives of the group rather than my personal bias or prejudice.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

Worked as a research assistant collecting data, collecting surveys and assimilating findings. Also, served as a conflict resolution specialist for youth development groups; in order to logically analyze an issue I try to gather as much information as possible through testing alternatives, observing outcomes and interpreting new data all the time including new information into the possible solution.


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