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Andrew H Potter

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I run a small marketing business called the Handit2 Network LLC, based in Evergreen CO. I currently have 5 employees. All lived in CO until one of them moved to Park City UT.

Educational Background

My undergraduate degree was in Geography, Dartmouth 1992. MBA, University of Virginia, 1999.

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Professional Background

My recent organizing has been focused on talent shows at my kids schools (started the Parmalee Elem talent show in 2015, ran it 5 years until my kids moved on to middle/high school). Pre-COVID I ran a talent show at West Jeff Middle School for one year (it will likely be canceled this year). From 2009-2013 I was on the board of the Evergreen Meadows HOA, and was president in 2013.

Past Political Activity

Andrew Yang Kirsten Gillibrand (I can dig if necessary, but offhand I can't think of other contributions I've made in the last 5 years)

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

West Jeff Middle School PTA Parmalee Elementary PTA Evergreen Nordic Skiing Alliance (now defunct) (Evergreen Meadows HOA President, 2013; other EMHA board roles 2009-13)


I want to serve on the commission because a) I think it is important to do it right (meaning impartially and logically), and I'd like to contribute my skills to that priority; b) I think my skills as a 'geographer' (dating back to my college days and my 'first career' as a cartographer in my 20s), plus my more current experience as a Colorado small business owner and marketer are highly relevant; and c) I think it will be fascinating to be part of the process, as it will expose me to the public sector in a very unique way that leverages some of my skill sets (I've been working in the private sector my entire career).

Statement on Working with Consensus

Have you ever been an HOA president? It is a ton of work, largely thankless, and all about building consensus as best as possible. In every community you have those people I call the 'spear throwers' who complain and do nothing to help. I've managed the helpers, and managed the spear throwers. I much prefer the helpers. :) In the case of this commission, it certainly is easier to build consensus with people who are being paid!!! Sort of like being a business owner, which I have been the past 13 years. When it comes to being fair,

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

My 'first career' after college was in mapping and GIS, including working for the current 'National Geographer' at National Geographic (Alex Tait) when he ran his own cartography business. During the summer of 1999, I spent my MBA internship working for Etak, an in-dash vehicle navigation company later sold to Tele Atlas/Tom Tom. (Etak's work was the precursor to much of the google maps navigation technology we are all using today). My focus there was on a geocoding plug-in used with ESRI's ArcView software. The past 20 years I have been working in the private sector with businesses that, among other things, use GIS for marketing purposes. I solve problems like 'fine me daycares nears King Soopers in neighborhoods that index high on Hispanics' This sort of project requires the collection of quality data, and the software necessary to analyze that data. I think that my experience building high quality datasets and using tools to analyze them will come in handy when analyzing congressional districts. [Note: I will not collect letters of recommendation at this stage unless I am told by someone reviewing this that it is important to my application. If it is important, I will likely reach out to one or more of the following people: Gary Justus, neighbor, EMHA president, fellow EMHA board member during my tenure; Ingrid Mielke, principal, Parmalee Elementary; possibly Alex Tait, National Geographer, National Geographic. Not sure Alex has the time though!)


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