Application for Congressional Commission for Anthony Lee Westcot

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Anthony Lee Westcot

Other Names
Anthony L. Westcot; Tony Westcot

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Retired Commercial Airline Pilot

Educational Background

High School Graduate; BS degree in Public Administration; FAA Airline Transport Pilot Certificate; California State Teaching Certificate-Designated Subjects for Aviation

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Professional Background

I was a Member of Douglas County schools Long Range Planning Committee. Held various committee positions and elected offices in the Air Line Pilot's Assn (ALPA) Int'l prior to retirement in Nov. 2008. Local Neighborhood Watch volunteer for our HOA.

Past Political Activity

Registered Republican until early 1990's. Registered Democrat since that time. Have volunteered during Obama campaign in 2008. Attended and voted in Precinct caucuses twice.

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

None since 2015.


Especially seeing the obvious gerrymandering of my Congressional District (CO-4) I was very supportive of the passage of the law establishing this commission. I want to help Colorado lead in the fair and equitable redistricting efforts nationwide.

Statement on Working with Consensus

Having successfully negotiated contracts in private industry and union contracts for the pilots in the service of Continental Airlines during very turbulent times in the airline industry, I am confident in my skills to listen, advocate for a position, and still find consensus amongst diverse group and opinions. My experience as an airline Captain should not be trivialized as irrelevant. Under FAA regulation responsibility for the maintenance, refueling, cargo acceptance and loading, passenger acceptance and boarding, weather, and routing of any commercial flight ultimately rests with the pilot in command. The only way that can be accomplished by a single individual in today's environment is to receive, respect and, if needed, question the input of an extremely diverse group of people. To be respectful of these varied professional inputs and still execute the duties required by law defines the essence of consensus building. I sincerely believe fairness and impartiality are key to these endeavors and are critical if this commission is to be successful in avoiding the vitriol that seems all too common in our political interactions.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

After a successful 33-year career with an airline operating world-wide, and in varied types of technically challenging and complex aircraft, I have demonstrated time and again my ability to analyze problems, reason through them logically, and arrive at optimal solutions. This , in both training scenarios that are thoroughly critiqued and real world situations with possibly devastating outcomes. Intimately involved in this is the ability to solicit, hear, and utilize the input of other crewmembers and resources to insure that one's analysis and reasoning is as near ideal as possible.


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Heterosexual Male