Application for Congressional Commission for Elizabeta Stacishin-Moura

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Elizabeta Stacishin-Moura

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I work part time for Stantec as an urban designer/planner

Educational Background

BA from Utah State University at Logan, Utah, and a Masters in Urban Design from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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Professional Background

As member and vice chair of the Arapahoe Design Advisory Board, I weighed development rights with zoning and neighborhood design guidelines to facilitate the best outcome possible for the community. As Chair of Seattle's Design Review Board I often had to manage meetings where competing interests had to be negociated in real time, often in contentious neighborhoods where any change is seen with suspicion. As the founding chair of Seattle's Urban Forestry Commission, where a goal of reaching 30% tree canopy cover by 2037 was broadly accepted, industrial and commercial interest groups were resistant to added requirements on their properties and compromises had to be made to move the needle in the right direction. While some of these examples are outside Colorado, my background and experience at the intersection of public, commercial and private interests, I believe, has prepared me to be a valuable contributor to the redistricting commission.

Past Political Activity

I've made small donations (under $100) to various campaigns over the past 5 years. Joe Biden Jason Crow DNC and others

List of Political and Civic Organizations belonged to

Arapahoe Square Design Advisory Board (Vice Chair) Volunteer for City of Denver, appointed by mayor. Embassy House HOA board member ASLA, American Society of Landscape Architects, member Indivisible group volunteer Signed-up to be a Denver-based Election Judge in 2020


I'm concerned about the rigged, gerrymandered districts that are common around the country, but hopeful that Colorado is moving in the right direction with this independent commission. I want to be part of the solution.

Statement on Working with Consensus

I have served on and lead several Boards over my career, they have shown me that diverse and even diverging opinions often have something in common, and it's focusing on our common goals and concerns that we can move forward, offering compromise on issues that may be in conflict. It can be messy, and it's hard work to forge compromise, but it's the only path through gridlock.

Relevant Analytic Skills for Commission

Problem solving is only possible through logical analysis. However complexity becomes a real challenge for a group, where layers of information must be processed and given appropriate importance, before a decision or direction can be taken. Synthesizing complexity is an invaluable skill. In a group setting, it's often when strategic leadership is needed, and when timely expert advice is critical. I spent my entire career working in teams, frequently to solve complex multilayered spacial problems based on dense quantitative data.


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